Lawrence David, PhD – Publications

Associate Professor
Center for Genomic and Computational Biology

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Representative Publications:

AT Reese, K Lulow, LA David, JP Wright. Plant community and soil conditions individually affect soil microbial community assembly in experimental old-field microcosms. Submitted, 2016

JD Silverman, A Washburne, S Mukherjee, LA David. A phylogenetic transform enhances analysis of compositional microbiota data. eLife, 10.7554/eLife.21887, Feb 2017. [link]

AD Washburne, J Silverman, JW Leff, DJ Bennett, J Darcy, S Mukherjee, N Fierer, LA David. Phylogenetic factorization of microbiome data yields lineage-level associations in microbiome datasets. PeerJ, 5:e2969, Feb 2017. [link]

J Boursier, O Mueller, M Barret, M Machado, L Fizanne, F Araujo-Perez, C Guy, P Seed, J Rawls, LA David, G Hunault, F Oberti, P Cales, AM Diehl. The severity of NAFLD is associated with gut dysbiosis and shift in the metabolic function of the gut microbiota. Hepatology, 63(3):764-775, Mar 2016. [link]

S Wong, WZ Stephens, AR Burns, K Stagaman, LA David, BJM Bohannan, K Guillemin, JF Rawls. Ontogenetic Differences in Dietary Fat Influence Microbiota Assembly in the Zebrafish Gut. mBio, 6(5):e00687-15, Sept 2015. [link]

LA David, A Weil, ET Ryan, SB Calderwood, JB Harris, F Chowdhury, Y Begum, F Qadri, RC LaRocque, PJ Turnbaugh. Gut microbial succession follows acute secretory diarrhea in humans. mBio,6(3):e00381-15, Apr 2015. [URL]

LA David, AC Materna, J Friedman, I Baptista, MC Blackburn, A Perrotta, SE Erdman, EJ Alm. Host lifestyle affects human microbiota on daily timescales. Genome Biol, 15:R89, Jul 2014. [URL]

LA David, CF Maurice, RN Carmody, DB Gootenberg, JE Button, BE Wolfe, AV Ling, AS Devlin, Y Varma, MA Fischbach, SB Biddinger, RJ Dutton, PJ Turnbaugh. Diet rapidly and reproducibly alters the gut microbiome. Nature, 505, 559-563 Jan 2014. [URL]

CS Smillie*, MB Smith*, J Friedman, OX Cordero, LA David, EJ Alm. Ecology drives a global network of gene exchange connecting the human microbiome. Nature, 480(7376):241-244, Dec, 2011. [URL]

LA David, EJ Alm. Rapid evolutionary innovation during an Archean Genetic Expansion. Nature, 469(7328):93-96, Jan 2011. [URL]

DE Hunt*, LA David*, D Gevers, SP Preheim, EJ Alm, MF Polz. Resource Partitioning and Sympatric Differentiation Among Closely Related Bacterioplankton. Science, 320(5879):1081-85, May 2008. [URL]

LA David, CH Wiggins. Benchmarking of dynamic Bayesian Networks from stochastic time-series data. Ann NY Acad Sci., 1115 90-101, Dec 2007. [URL]

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