Klaas Schotanus, PhD

Heitman Lab Members

Headshot of Klaas Schotanus, PhDPostdoctoral Associate
317 CARL Building
Box 3546 DUMC
Durham, N.C. 27710
Phone: 919.684.0278
Fax: 919.684.2790


Research Interests:

I’m interested in epigenetics or more specifically in the influence of non-coding RNAs, centromeres, transposable elements and histone modifications on genome stability and pathogenicity. I’m planning to create mutant strains, which are defective in the above mentioned pathways. To study these phenoma, I focus not only on the model organism Cryptococcus neoformans, but on the whole species complex. The creation of mutants in several members of the species complex allows us to study the function of a specific pathway and correlate this to pathogenicity and genome content of the subspecies. For example, the species Cryptococcus deuterogattii has lost the RNAi system, which most likely resulted in the formation of alternative pathways to silence transposable elements.

In addition, to the creation of mutants, I will study the pathways by performing immunoprecipitations and high throughput sequencing.

See for more information: “ here”.

Personal Interests: Soccer, running and cycling