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Wen, J., Padilla Mercado, G., Volland, A., Doden, H.L., Lickwar, C.R., Crooks, T., Kakiyama, G., Kelly, C., Cocchiaro, J.L., Ridlon, J.M., and Rawls, J.F. (2021) Fxr signaling and microbial metabolism of bile salts in the zebrafish intestine. Science Advances 7 (30), eabg1371.

Ye, L., Bae, M., Cassilly, C.D., Jabba, S.V., Thorpe, D.W., Martin, A.M., Lu, H.-Y., Wang, J., Thompson, J.D., Lickwar, C.R., Poss, K.D., Keating, D.J., Clardy, J., Jordt, S.-E., Liddle, R.A., and Rawls, J.F. (2021) Enteroendocrine cells sense bacterial tryptophan catabolites to activate enteric and vagal neuronal pathways. Cell Host & Microbe 29: 179-196.

McCann, J.R., Bihlmeyer, N.A., Roche, K., Catherine, C., Jawahar, J., Kwee, L.C., Younge, N.E., Silverman, J., Ilkayeva, O., Sarria, C., Zizzi, A., Wootton, J., Poppe, L., Anderson, P., Arlotto, M., David, L.A., Wei, Z.Z., Dressman, H.K., Granek, J.A., Valdivia, R.H., Newgard, C.B., Shah, S.H., Seed, P.C., Rawls, J.F., and Armstrong, S.C. (2021) The Pediatric Obesity Microbiome and Metabolism Study (POMMS): Methods, Baseline Data, and Early Insights. Obesity 29(3): 569-575. [PMCID: PMC7927749] (edited)

Ye, L., Mueller, O., Bagwell, J., Bagnat, M., Liddle, R.A., and Rawls, J.F. (2019) High fat diet induces microbiota-dependent silencing of enteroendocrine cells. eLife 8:e48479.

Martiny, J.B.H., Whiteson, K., Bohannan, B., David, L.A., Hynson, N., McFall-Ngai, M., Rawls, J.F., Schmidt, T., Abdo, Z., Blaser, M., Bordenstein, S., Bréchot, C., Bull, C., Dorrestein, P., Eisen, J., Garcia-Pichel, F., Gilbert, J., Hofmockel, K., Holtz, M., Knight, R., Welch, D.M., McDonald, D., Methe, B., Mouncey, N., Mueller, N., Pfister, C., Proctor, L., and Sachs, J. (2019) The emergence of microbiome centers. Nature Microbiology 5: 2–3.

Espenschied, S.T., Cronan, M.R., Matty, M.A., Mueller, O., Redinbo, M.R., Tobin, D.M., and Rawls, J.F. (2019) Epithelial delamination is protective during pharmaceutical-induced enteropathy. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 116(34): 16961-16970.

Murdoch, C.M., and Rawls, J.F. (2019) Commensal microbiota regulate vertebrate innate immunity – insights from the zebrafish. Frontiers in Immunology 10:2100.

Murdoch, C.C, Espenschied, S.T., Matty, M.A., Mueller, O., Tobin, D.M, and Rawls, J.F. (2019) Intestinal Serum amyloid A suppresses systemic neutrophil activation and bactericidal activity in response to microbiota colonization. PLoS Pathog 15(3): e1007381

Minchin, J.E.N., Scahill, C.M., Staudt, N., Busch-Nentwich, E.M., & Rawls J.F. (2018) Deep phenotyping reveals genetic and diet-induced adiposity changes in zebrafish. J. Lipid Research 59(8):1536-1545. [PMCID: PMC6071777]

Lickwar, C.R., Camp, J.G., Weiser, M., Kingsley, D.M., Furey, T.S., Sheikh, S.Z., and Rawls, J.F. (2017) Genomic dissection of conserved transcriptional regulation in intestinal epithelial cells. PLoS Biology

Davison, J., Breton, G., Song, L., Crawford, G.E., and Rawls, J.F. (2017) Microbiota regulate intestinal epithelial gene expression by suppressing the transcription factor Hepatocyte nuclear factor 4 alpha. Genome Research 27: 1195-1206.

Minchin, J.E.N., and Rawls, J.F. (2017) A classification system for zebrafish adipose tissues. Dis. Models & Mech. 10: 797-809.

Leulier, F., McNeil, L., Lee, W.-J., Rawls, J.F., Cani, P., Schwarzer, M., Zhao, L. and Simpson, S. (2017) Integrative physiology: at the crossroads of nutrition, microbiota and animal physiology. Cell Metabolism 25(3): 522–534.

Bae, S., Mueller, O., Wong, S., Rawls, J.F., and Valdivia, R.H. (2016) Genomic sequencing-based mutational enrichment analysis identifies motility genes in a genetically intractable gut microbe. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 113(49): 14127-14132.

Wong S., Stephens W.Z., Burns A.R., Stagaman K., David L.A., Bohannan B.J., Guillemin K., Rawls J.F. (2015) Ontogenetic differences in dietary fat influence microbiota assmebly in the zebrafish gut. mBio 6(5):e00687-15.

Minchin_Rawls_PNAS_April 7 2015Minchin, J.E.N., Dahlman, I., Harvey, C.J., Mejhert, N., Singh, M.K., Epstein, J.A., Arner, P., Torres-Vázquez, J., and Rawls, J.F. (2015) Plexin D1 determines body fat distribution by regulating the type V collagen microenvironment in visceral adipose tissue. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 112(14):4363-8.  Featured on cover.

Marjoram. L., Alvers, A., Deerhake, M.E., Bagwell, J., Mankiewicz, J., Cocchiaro, J.L., Beerman, R.W., Willer, J., Katsanis, N., Tobin, D.M., Rawls, J.F., Goll, M., and Bagnat, M. (2015). Epigenetic control of intestinal barrier function and inflammation in zebrafish. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 112(9):2770-5.

Kanther M, Tomkovich S, Sun X, Grosser MR, Koo J, Flynn EJ, Jobin C, and Rawls JF (2014) Commensal microbiota stimulate systemic neutrophil migration through induction of Serum amyloid A. Cell. Microbiol. 16(7):1053-67.

Rawls_Camp_Frank_2014_GenResCamp JG, Frank CL, Lickwar CR, Guturu H, Rube T, Bejerano G, Crawford GE, and Rawls JF. (2014) Microbiota modulate transcription in the intestinal epithelium without remodeling the open chromatin landscape. Genome Research 24(9):1504-16. Featured on cover.

Goldsmith JR, Cocchiaro JL, Rawls JF, Jobin C. (2013) Zebrafish glafenine-intestinal injury is ameliorated by mu-opioid signaling via enhancement of Atf6-dependent cellular stress responses. Dis Model Mech. 10.1242/dmm.009852.

McMenamin SK, Minchin JE, Gordon TN, Rawls JF, and Parichy DM. (2013) Dwarfism and increased adiposity in the gh1 mutant zebrafish. Endocrinology. 154(4):1476-87.

McFall-Ngai M, Hadfield MG, Bosch TC, Carey HV, Domazet-Loso T, Douglas  AE, Dubilier N, Eberl G, Fukami, T, Gilbert SF, Hentschel U, King N, Kjelleberg S, Knoll AH, Kremer N, Mazmanian SK, Metcalf JL, Nealson K, Pierce NE, Rawls JF, Reid A, Ruby, EG, Rumpho M, Sanders JG, Tautz D, Wernegreen JJ. (2013) Animals in a bacterial world, a new imperative for the life sciences. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 110(9):3229-36.

Semova I, Carten JD, Stombaugh J, Mackey LC, Knight R, Farber SA, Rawls JF. (2012) Microbiota regulate intestinal absorption and metabolism of fatty acids in the zebrafish. Cell Host & Microbe. 12(3):277-88.

Camp JG, Jazwa AL, Trent CM, Rawls JF. (2012) Intronic cis-regulatory modules mediate tissue-specific and microbial control of angptl4/fiaf transcription. PLoS Genetics 8(3):e1002585.

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