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Representative Publications:

An Antimicrobial Peptide and Its Neuronal Receptor Regulate Dendrite Degeneration in Aging and Infections. E Lezi, Ting Zhou, Sehwon Koh, Marian Chuang, Ruchira Sharma, Nathalie Pujol, Andrew D Chisholm, Cagla Eroglu, Hiroaki Matsunami, Dong Yan. Neuron. 2018 Jan 3;97(1):125-138. PMID: 29301098 [EPub]

Lingfeng Meng, Albert Zhang, Yishi Jin, Dong Yan. Regulation of neuronal axon specification by glia-neuron gap junctions. elife. 2016 Oct 21;5. pii: e19510. doi: 10.7554/eLife.19510.

Lingfeng Meng, Chia-hui Chen, and Dong Yan. Regulation of gap junction turnover by UNC-44/ankyrin and UNC-33/CRMP through VAB-8 in C. elegans neurons. PLOS Genetics. 2016 Mar 25;12(3). PMCID:PMC4807823

Meng L, Mulcahy B, Cook SJ, Neubauer M, Wan A, Jin Y, Yan D. The cell death pathway regulates synapse elimination through cleavage of celsolin in Caenorhabditis elegans neurons. Cell Rep, 11:1737-48.  2015. PMCID: PMC4481169. [EPub]

Dong Yan and Yishi Jin. (2012). Regulation of DLK-1 kinase activity by calcium-mediated dissociation from an inhibitory isoform. Neuron, 76(3):534-48. PMID: 23141066.

Dong Yan, Kentaro Noma, Yishi Jin. (2011). Expanding views of presynaptic terminals: new findings from C. elegans. Current Opinion in Neurobiology, 22(3):431-7. PMID: 22036768.

Lizhen Chen, Zhiping Wang, Anindya Ghosh-Roy, Thomas Hubert, Dong Yan, Sean O’ Rourke, Bruce Bowerman, Zilu Wu, Yishi Jin, Andrew D. Chisholm. (2011). Axon regeneration pathways identified by systematic genetic screening in C. elegansNeuron, 271(6): 1043-57. PMID: 21943602.

Gloriana Trujillo, Katsunori Nakata, Dong Yan, Ichi N.Maruyama  and Yishi Jin. (2010). A Ubiquitin E2 Variant Protein Acts in Axon Termination and Synaptogenesis in Caenorhabditis elegansGenetics, 186,135-145. PMCID:PMC2940282

Dong Yan, Zilu Wu, Andrew D. Chisholm and Yishi Jin. (2009). The DLK-1 kinase pathway promotes CEBP-1 mRNA stability and local translation in C. elegans synapse maintenance and axon regeneration. Cell, 138, 1005-1018. PMCID: PMC2772821

Hailan Yao, Kechun Zhou, Dong Yan, Mingtao Li and Yizheng Wang. (2009). The Kv2.1 channels mediate neuronal apoptosis induced by excitotoxicity. Journal of Neurochemistry, 108, 909-919.

Dong Yan†, Li Guo†, Yizheng Wang. (2006). Requirement of dendritic Akt degradation by ubiquitin proteasome system for neuronal polarity. The Journal of Cell Biology, 174(3), 415-24. PMCID: PMC2064237. †Co-first Author

Qiaoyun Yang†, Dong Yan†, Yizheng Wang. (2006). Intracellular K+ selectively regulates transcription factor DNA binding activities to control neuronal survival. Neuroreport, 17(11), 1199-204. †Co-first Author

Yanmei Tao†, Dong Yan†, Qiaoyun Yang, Rui Zeng, Yizheng Wang. (2006). Low K+ promotes NF- kB/DNA binding in neuronal apoptosis induced by K+ loss. Molecular and Cellular Biology, 26(3), 1038-50. PMCID: PMC1347023. † Co-first Author

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