Alyson Barnes

Ko Lab Members

MGM Graduate Student (2017)

Research Interests: 
I received a Bachelors in Biology and Philosophy at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia. I began undergraduate research my first year in the Judith White lab, focusing on Ebola small-molecule inhibitors. Specifically, I characterized the mechanism of action of two potential Ebola therapeutics and began preliminary synergy experiments with other drugs of interest. In addition, I interned at NIH in the Nancy Sullivan lab, working on a potential Ebola vaccine.

I chose to continue my studies at Duke because I wanted a challenging program that would shape me into a well-rounded scientist. I wanted a graduate program that has diversity and would expose me to many different fields of research, including those within microbiology as well as those outside of my background in virology. The collaboration at Duke was a major drawing factor that made Duke a natural choice.

Personal Interests:
Outside of science, I enjoy reading, cooking, and spending time outdoors with my Goldendoodle puppy, Ace, as well as exploring new cities and locations. I’m extremely excited to see all that Durham has to offer!