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Duke Institute for Brain Sciences Investigator

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Top 10 Publications:

  1. Miller, EE+, Kobayashi, GS+, Musso, CM, Allen, M, Ishiy, FAA, Caires Junior, LC, Guimarães, ESG, Griesi-Oliveira, K, Zechi-Ceide, RM, Richieri-Costa, A, Bertola, DR, Passos-Bueno, MR*, Silver, DL*. EIF4A3 deficient human iPSCs and mouse models demonstrate neural crest defects that underlie Richieri-Costa-Pereira Syndrome. Human Molecular Genetics. June 15; 26 (12): 2177-2191. 2017, *co-corresponding authors, + co-first authors

Pilaz, L-J. and Silver, DL. Moving messages in the developing brain: Emerging roles for mRNA transport and local translation in neural stem cells. FEBs Letters. June; 591 (11): 1526-2539. 2017 Invited review article.

Lennox, AL, Mao, H, and Silver, DL. RNA on the brain: emerging layers of post-transcriptional regulation in cerebral cortex development. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews Developmental Biology. Aug 24 online. 2017 Invited review article.

Mitchell C, Silver DL. Enhancing our brains: Genomic mechanisms underlying cortical evolution. Invited review article. Semin Cell Dev Biol. Aug 29. pii: S1084-9521(17)30235-5. 2017

Pilaz, L-J, Lennox, A.L., Rouanet, J.P., and Silver, DL. Dynamic mRNA transport and local translation in radial glial progenitors of the developing brain. Current Biology. Online Nov. 30. pii: S0960-9822(16)31266-0. PMID: 27916527. 26: 1-10.

  1. Mao, H*, McMahon, JJ*, Tsai, Y-H., Wang, Z, and Silver, DL. Haploinsufficiency for core exon junction complex components disrupts neurogenesis and causes p53-mediated microcephaly. PLOS Genetics. Sept. 12.; 12(9): e1006282. 2016 * co-first authors.

Mao, H, Brown, H, and Silver, DL. Mouse models of Casc3 reveal developmental functions distinct from other components of the exon junction complex. RNA. Online Oct. 25. pii: rna.058826.116. PMID: 27780844.

Pilaz, LJ*, McMahon, JJ*, Miller, EE, Lennox, AL, Suzuki, A, Salmon, E, Silver, DL, Prolonged mitosis of neural progenitors alters cell fate in the developing brain. Jan 6; 89(1):83-99. 2016. *co-first authors.

Mao, H, Pilaz, LJ, McMahon, J, Golzio, C, Wu, D, Shi, L, Katsanis, N, and Silver, DL Rbm8a haploinsufficiency disrupts embryonic cortical development resulting in microcephaly. Journal of Neuroscience. May 6; 35(18): 7003-7018. (Featured on cover and in News and Views in same issue).

Boyd, JL, Skove, SL, Rouanet, JP, Pilaz, L-J, Bepler, T, Gordân, R, Wray, GA, and Silver, DL. Human-chimpanzee differences in a FZD8 enhancer alter cell-cycle dynamics in the developing neocortex. Current Biology. Mar 16; 25 (6) 772-9. 2015. (Featured in over 75 online and print forums including Science, National Geographic, NPR.)

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