Bianca Lupan

Silver Lab Members


MGM Graduate Student (2017)
223 CARL Building
Durham, NC 27710
Phone: 919-613-2011
Fax: 919-684-2790




Research Interests: 
I am originally from Danville, CA and just graduated with a double major in Biology and Spanish from Duke. I have been working in the Horner Lab in MGM for the past three years studying the role of FKBP8 (an immunophilin protein involved in apoptosis) in the RIG-I innate immune signaling pathway. I am excited by the research in many of the labs in MGM and hope to continue research in the fields of either innate immunity or virology. My experience at Duke has been amazing so far and I am looking forward to several more years in a great place surrounded by world-class research.

Personal Interests:
Outside of lab, I like watching San Jose Sharks hockey, Warriors and Duke basketball, and Netflix. I love finding new coffee shops and bookstores. I’m looking forward to  exploring Durham more during grad school!