Bryan Cullen, PhD – Publications

James B. Duke Professor
Director, Center for Virology

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Representative Publications:

Zeng, Y., Wagner, E.J., and Cullen, B.R. (2002). Both natural and designed micro RNAs can inhibit the expression of cognate mRNAs when expressed in human cells. Mol Cell, 9:1327-1333.

Bogerd, H.P., Doehle, B.P., Wiegand, H.L., and Cullen, B.R. (2004). A single amino acid difference in the host APOBEC3G protein controls the primate species specificity of HIV type 1 virion infectivity factor. Proc Natl Acad Sci. USA, 101:3770-3774.

Cai, X., Hagedorn, C.H., and Cullen, B.R. (2004).   Human microRNAs are processed from capped, polyadenylated transcripts that can also function as mRNAs. RNA, 10:1957-1966.

Zeng, Y., Yi, R., and Cullen, B.R. (2005). Recognition and cleavage of primary microRNA precursors by the nuclear processing enzyme drosha. EMBO J, 24:138-148.

Cai, X., Lu, S., Zhihong, Z., Gonzalez, C.M., Damania, B., and Cullen, B.R. (2005). Kaposi’s sarcoma-associated herpesvirus expresses an array of novel viral microRNAs in latently infected cells. Proc Natl Acad Sci. USA, 102:5570-5575.

Cai, X., Schäfer, A., Lu, S., Bilello, J.P., Desrosiers, R.C., Edwards, R., Raab-Traub, N., and Cullen, B.R. (2006). Epstein-Barr virus microRNAs are evolutionarily conserved and differentially expressed. PLoS Pathogens, 2:e23.

Bogerd, H.P., Wiegand, H.L., Hulme, A.E., Garcia-Perez, J.L., O’Shea, K.S., Moran, J.V., and Cullen, B.R. (2006). Cellular inhibitors of long interspersed element 1 and Alu retrotransposition. Proc Natl Acad Sci. USA, 103:8780-8785.

Lin, J. and Cullen, B.R. (2007). Analysis of the interaction of primate retroviruses with the human RNA interference machinery. Journal of Virology, 81:12218-12226.

Gottwein, E., Mukherjee, N., Sachse, C., Frenzel, C., Majoros, W.H., Chi, J.-T.A., Braich, R., Manoharan, M., Soutschek, J., Ohler, U., and Cullen, B.R. (2007). A viral microRNA functions as an ortholog of cellular miR-155. Nature, 450:1096-1099.

Umbach, J.L., Kramer, M.F., Jurak, I., Karnowski, H.W., Coen, D.m., and Cullen, B.R. (2008). MicroRNAs expressed by herpes simplex virus 1 during latent infection regulate viral mRNAs. Nature, 454:780-783.

Gottwein, E. and Cullen, B.R. (2008). Viral and cellular microRNAs as determinants of viral pathogenesis and immunity. Cell Host Microbe, 3:375-387.

Cullen, B.R. (2009). Viral and cellular messenger RNA targets of viral microRNAs. Nature, 457:421-425.

Cullen, B.R. (2009). Viral RNAs: Lessons from the enemy. Cell, 136:592-597.

Umbach, J.L. and Cullen, B.R. (2009). The role of RNAi and microRNAs in animal virus replication and antiviral immunity. Genes Dev, 23:1151-1164.

Gottwein, E. and Cullen, B.R. (2010). A human herpesvirus microRNA inhibits p21 expression and attentuates p21-mediated cell cycle arrest. J Virol, 84:5229-5237.

Bogerd, H.P., Karnowski, H.W., Cai, X., Shin, J., Pholers, M., and Cullen, B.R. (2010). A mammalian herpesvirus uses noncanonical expression and processing mechanisms to generate viral MicroRNAs. Mol Cell, 37:135-142.

Bogerd, H.P., Karnowski, H.W., Cai, X., Shin, J., Pholers, M., and Cullen, B.R. (2010). A mammalian herpesvirus uses noncanonical expression and processing mechanisms to generate viral MicroRNAs. Mol Cell, 37:135-142.

Cullen, B.R. (2011). Viruses and microRNAs: RISCy interactions with serious consequences. Genes Dev; 25:1881-1894. PMCID: 3185961.

Gottwein, E., Corcoran, D.L., Mukherjee, N., Skalsky, R.L., Hafner, M., Nusbaum, J.D., Shamulailatpam, P., Love, C.L., Dave, S.S., Tuschl, T., Ohler, U. and Cullen, B.R. (2011). Viral microRNA targetome of KSHV-infected primary effusion lymphoma cell lines. Cell Host Microbe; 10:515-526. PMCID: 3222872.

Skalsky, R.L., Corcoran, D.L., Gottwein, E., Frank, C.L., Kang, D., Hafner, M., Nusbaum, J.D., Feederle, R., Delecluse, H.J., Luftig, M.A., Tuschl, T., Ohler, U. and Cullen, B.R. (2012). The viral and cellular microRNA targetome in lymphoblastoid cell lines. PLoS Pathog; 8:e1002484. PMCID: 3266933.

Feederle, R., Linnstaedt, S.D., Bannert, H., Lips, H., Bencun, M., Cullen, B.R. and Delecluse, H.J. (2011). A viral microRNA cluster strongly potentiates the transforming properties of a human herpesvirus. PLoS Pathog; 7:e1001294. PMCID: 3040666.