Alanson Girton

Heaton – Lab Members

Post-Doctoral Fellow
427 CARL Building
BOX 3054
Durham, N.C. 27710

Research Interest:
I received my PhD from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. My dissertation focus was on the role of bacterial cell wall components from Bacillus anthracis in late-stage anthrax pathogenesis. I joined the Heaton lab because I have always wanted to pursue research in the field of virology and viral pathogenesis. Currently, I am focused on the development of better influenza vaccines that provide broad cellular and humoral protection from infection. I am also interested in influenza pathogenesis and how our immune system contributes to disease severity and outcome.  I hope to apply the knowledge I gain here to develop therapeutics for other emerging viral pathogens.

Personal Interests:
Outside of lab I enjoy sports (football, soccer, and baseball), movies, music, reading and spending time with my wife and our 3 pups. I consider myself and amateur paleontologist. I also enjoy learning as much as I can about birds of prey and would like to take up falconry someday. I am also into venomous reptiles. I also enjoy cooking and grilling out.

Publication List:
Popescu, N. I., Silasi, R., Keshari, R., Girton, A., Burgett, T., Zeerleder, Gailani, D., S., Gruber, A., Lupu, F., and Coggeshall, K. M. Peptidoglycan induces disseminated intravascular coagulation in non-human primates through activation of both coagulation pathways. Blood, 132(8): 849-60, June 2018.

Girton, A. W., Popescu, N. I., Keshari, R. S., Burgett, T., Lupu, F., Coggeshall, K. M. Serum amyloid P and IgG exhibit differential capabilities in the activation of the innate immune system in response to Bacillus anthracis peptidoglycan. Infection and Immunity, 86(5): e00076-18, March 2018.

Langer, M., Girton, A. W., Neither Lys- and DAP-type peptidoglycans stimulate mouse or human innate immune cells via Toll-like receptor 2. PlosOne, 13(2): e0193207: February 2018 – co-first author

Budda, S., Girton, A., Henderson, J.G., and Zenewicz, L.A. Transcription Factor HIF-1α controls expression of the cytokine IL-22 in CD4 T Cells. The Journal of Immunology, 197(7): 2646-52, August 2016.

Pierce, R.D., Kim, E.S., Girton, L., Mcmurry, J.L., Francis, J.W., and Albrecht, E.A. Characterization of crude Echis carinatus venom-induced cytotoxicity in HEK 293T cells. Journal of Venom Research, 2: 59-67, December 2011.