2004 – 2005 Thursday Series Archives

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2004 – 2005
Date Speaker Title Host
May 26 Tom Pollard
Yale University
Actin Dynamics at the Leading Edge and during Cytokinesis Vann Bennett
May 19 Pat O’Farrell 
University of California, San Francisco
Suspended Animation, Its Induction by Hypoxia and Its Interfaces with Innate Immunity and Cancer Therapy Haifan Lin
May 5 Jacqueline D. Reeves 
University of Pennsylvania
Viral and Cellular Factors Impacting HIV Entry Inhibition Bryan Cullen
Apr 28 Sue Jinks-Robertson
Emory University
Bypass of spontaneous DNA damage by translesion DNA polymerases in yeast Tom Petes
Apr 21 Scott Emr
HHMI, UC-San Diego
ESCRTs for Receptor Down-Regulaton and HIV Budding Christopher Nicchitta
Apr 14 Joseph Gall
Carnegie Institute
Cajal Bodies: Their Role in Transcription and RNA Processing Brigid Hogan
Apr 7 Lorraine Symington
Columbia University
Mechanisms of homologous recombination in eukaryotes: Dynamics of the Rad51 nucleoprotein filament Mariano Garcia-Blanco
Mar 31 Blossom Damania
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Modulation of Cell signaling and Angiogenesis by Kaposi’s Sarcoma-Associated Herpesvirus Bryan Cullen
Mar 24 Bruce Goode
Brandeis University
Secrets of the Actin Cytoskeleton Toy Box Danny Lew
Mar 17 Dan Herschlag
Stanford University
Jack Keene
Mar 10 Trisha Davis
University of Washington
Analysis of Spindle Pole Mutants Illuminates Spindle Forces Tony Means
Mar 3 Juan Bonifacino
National Institutes of Health
Molecular Mechanisms of Lysosome Biogenesis Raphael Valdivia & Vann Bennett
Feb 17 Cori Bargmann
Rockefeller University
Oxygen Sensation and Natural Behavior in C. elegans Fan Wang/Hubi Amrein
Feb 10 Kris Patczewski
University of Washington, Seattle
TBD Brigid Hogan
Feb 3 Tom Petes
Duke University
Meiotic and Mitotic Recombination in Yeast Mariano Garcia-Blanco
Jan 27 Richard Bennet
University of California, San Francisco
Completing the Cycle: Mating and Virulence in the Fungal Pathogen C. albicans Joe Heitman
Jan 20 Craig Montell
The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
TRP Channels: Mediators of Sensory Signaling Vann Bennett
Jan 13 Tom Rapoport
Harvard Medical School
Structure and Function of a Protein-Conducing Channel Danny Lew
Jan 6 Pamela Silver
Harvard Medical School, Dana-Farber Cancer institute
Connecting the Genome to the Cytoplasm Mariano Garcia-Blanco
Dec 16 Ganes Sen
Case Western Reserve University
Cellular Functions of Double-Stranded RNA and its Binding Proteins Mariano Garcia-Blanco
Dec 9 Dorothy Shippen
Texas A&M University
Telomere Structure and Function in Arabidopsis Christopher Counter
Dec 2 Sue Biggins
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Regulation of Chromosome Segregation Danny Lew
Nov 18 Daniel Portnoy
The Pathogenesis of Listeria monocytogenes: From Cell Biology to Innate Immunity Raphael Valdivia
Nov 11 Gary Banker
Oregon Health & Science University
Membrane Trafficking and Neuronal Polarity Mike Ehlers
Nov 4 Susan Baserga
Yale School of Medicine
New Insights into Eukaryotic Ribosome Biogenesis Mariano Garcia-Blanco
Oct 28 Paul Lasko
McGill University
Vasa and Translational Control in the Drosophila Germ Line Robin Wharton, Dan Kiehart
Oct 21 Marcia Goldberg
Harvard University
The Bacterial Pole and Its Role in Pathogenesis Mariano Garcia-Blanco
Oct 14 Ralph Isberg
Tufts University
Manipulation of Host Secretory Traffic by an Intracellular Pathogen Raphael Valdivia
Oct 7 Richard McIntosh
University of Colorado at Boulder
Electron Tomography: a New Look at Cell Structure in 3D Dan Kiehart
Sept 30 Christine Jacobs-Wagner
Yale University
Cell Shape and Cell Cycle Regulation of Development inCaulobacter Harold Erickson
Sept 23 Harvey Lodish
Whitehead Institute, MIT
Regulation of Hematopoiesis by Cytokine Receptors and Micro RNAs Gerry Blobe
Sept. 16 Yue Xiong
Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center-UNC
The Control of the Cell Cycle and Cell Cycle Control of … H. Lin
Sept. 9 Christopher Counter
Human Cell Ras Oncogenesis H. Lin
Sept 2 Alan Zhu
HHMI, Stanford Univ. School of Medicine
The Cell Biology of Developmental Signaling Brigid Hogan