2012 – 2013 Thursday Series Archives

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2012 – 2013
Date Speaker Title
Sep 13 Nenad Sestan
Yale University
Host: Fan Wang
“Evolution, Development and Disorders of Neural Circuits of the Neocortex”
Sep 20 Kevin Campbell
University of Iowa
Cell Biology Distinguished Lecture
“Novel Glycosylation Pathways Required for Dystroglycan Function”
Sep 27 Scott Soderling 
Duke University
Host: Brigid Hogan
“Actin Badly: Modeling Neuropsychiatric Disorders in Mice”
Oct 4 Richard Vallee
Columbia University
Host: Debra Silver
“Motor Proteins in Rat Brain Neurogenesis and Migration”
Oct 11 Martin Hetzer
Salk Institute
Host: Blanche Capel
Oct 18 Jon Kull
Dartmouth University
Host: Sharyn Endow
“Structural Insights into the Mechanism of Virulence Gene Regulation in Vibrio cholerae”
Oct 25 John Wallingford 
University of Texas, Austin
Host: Ken Poss
“Genomic Control of Structure and Function in Ciliated Cells”
Nov 1 Bill Sullivan
University of California, Santa Cruz
Host: Donald Fox
“Wolbachia, Microtubules, and African Riverblindness”
Nov 7
Margaret Gardel
University of Chicago
Host: Terry Lechler
“Regulation of Cell Adhesion by the Actin Cytoskeleton”
Nov 15 Jacques Ravel
University of Maryland
Host: Raphael Valdivia
Nov 29 Rob Wheeler
University of Maine
Host: David Tobin
“Intravital Imaging of Immune-fungal Interactions”
Dec 6 Kim Huber
University of Texas, Southwestern
Host: Scott Soderling
“Mechanisms of Synapse Elimination by Autism-linked Gene”
Dec 13 No seminar
Dec 20 Bryan Cullen
Duke University
Host: TBD
Jan 3 Mark Peifer
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Host: Donald Fox
“Building the Body Plan: The Miracle of Morphogenesis”
Jan 10 Kristen Verhey 
University of Michigan
Host: Raquel Ybanez
“Kinesin Motors and Entry into the Ciliary Compartment”
Jan 17 Damian Krysan
University of Rochester
Host: Joe Heitman
“Repurposing Small Molecules for the Treatment of Fungal Infections”
Jan 24 No seminar TBD
Jan 31 Matt Weitzman
University of Pennsylvania
Host: Micah Luftig
“Genomes in Conflict: Maintaining Genome Integrity During Virus Infection”
Feb 7 Tarun Kapoor
Rockefeller University
Host: Joe Heitman
Examining cell division mechanisms using chemical approaches
Feb 14 James Moseley 
Dartmouth University
Host: Danny Lew
The role of cell geometry in cell size control
Feb 21 Vann Bennett
Duke University
Host: Fan Wang
Cell biology meets physiology: Ankyrin adaptors in health and disease
Feb 28 No seminar
Mar 7 Howard Rockman
Duke University
Host: TBD
Mar 14 No seminar
Mar 21 Ethan Garner 
Harvard Medical School
Host: Harold Erickson
Watching the enzymatic motions of cell wall synthesis
Mar 28 Craig Roy
Yale University
Host: Jörn Coers
Microbial ménage à trois: Autophagy, mTOR and Legionella
Apr 4 Ian Macara
Vanderbilt University
Host: Michel Bagnat
Cell polarity in morphogenesis and metastasis
Apr 11 Chris Doe
University of Oregon
Host: Pelin Volkan
Neural progenitor competence and temporal identity inDrosophila
Apr 18 Gary Ruvkun
Harvard Medical School
Host: Joe Heitman
Eukaryotic pathways that surveil conserved proteins for inhibition by microbial toxins and couple to detoxification and defense