2011 – 2012 Thursday Series Archives

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2011 – 2012
Date Speaker Title
Sep 15 Veronika von Messling
Host: Mariano Garcia-Blanco
Morbillivirus-host interactions: Getting in, around and out
Sep 22 John Rawls
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Host: David Tobin
Microbial and developmental regulation of vertebrate energy balance
Oct 13 Stanley Lemon
University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill
Host: Mariano Garcia-Blanco and Shelton Bradrick
miR-122 stabilization of hepatitis C virus RNA
Oct 20 Michael Blower
Harvard University
Host: Beth Sullivan
Analyzing the role and mechanism of mRNA localization during mitosis
Nov 10 Roberto Dominguez 
University of Pennsylvania
Host: Harold Erickson
The control of actin filament nucleation – A struture-function approach
Nov 17 John Kopchick
Ohio University
Host: Bryan Cullen
Growth hormone (GH), GH receptor antagonists and GH receptor knock-outs: Of mice and men
Dec 1 Julie Simpson
Janelia Farm
Host: Dan Tracey
Identifying neural circuits that drive behavioral sequences in Drosophila
Dec 8 Mike Farzan 
Harvard Medical School
Host: Micah Luftig
A family of interferon-inducible transmembrane proteins restrict viral entry
Dec 15 Lynne Maquat
University of Rochester
Host: Mariano Garcia-Blanco
Faculty Recruitment Seminar:
Tales from the cellular underworld: Mechanisms of mRNA decay
Jan 5 John F. Rawls
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Host: Raphael Valdivia
Faculty Recruitment Seminar:
Host-microbe sybiosis in the zebrafish intestine
Jan 19 Jeremiah Faith
Host: Patrick Seed
Faculty Recruitment Seminar:
Predictive models of host/microbe interactions in gnotobiotic mice
Jan 26 Keith Mostov
Host: Michel Bagnat
Homeostasis and regeneration of multicellular epithelial structures
Feb 2 Moriah Szpara
Princeton University
Host: Bryan Cullen
Faculty Recruitment Seminar:
Genetic variation and neurovirulence in alpha-herpes viruses
Feb 9 Sarah Kennett
Host: Matt Crowe
CMB Alum Lecture:
Molecular and Cell Biologists (Biochemists, Microbiologists, Cell Biologists…) at the US Food and Drug Administration: We DO Play an Important Role (and, No, We Don’t Do the Same Thing Every Day!)
Feb 16 Keith Burridge
Host: Sharyn Endow
Regulation of Rho GTPases by adhesion, mechanotransduction and other factors
Feb 23 Arnold Kriegstein
UCSF Stem Cell Center
Host: Chay Kuo
Cell Biology Distinguished Lecture:
Neural stem and progenitor cells in cortical development and evolution
Mar 1 Anastasia Kralli
The Scripps Research Institute
Host: Jeff Rathmell
Estrogen-related receptors (ERRs): Roles in energy homeostasis and cancer
Mar 8 Ken Poss
Host: Fan Wang
Tracing cell lineages in developing and regenerating tissues of zebrafish
Mar 15 Anne West
Host: Debra Silver
Epigenetics and behavioral plasticity
Mar 22 Philip Benfey 
Host: Nicolas Buchler
Development rooted in emergent properties of regulatory networks
Mar 29 Beth Sullivan
Host: Joe Heitman
Epigenetics of chromosome inheritance, nuclear architecture, and genome stability
Apr 5 No seminar Duke Symposium in Celebration of Mycology and Mycologists
Apr 12 Stephan Grill
Max Planck Institute
Host:Harold Erickson
Apr 19 Richard Gomer
Texas A&M
Host: Joe Heitman
Identification of potential new therapeutics for wound healing and fibrosing diseases
Apr 26 Jim Bear
Host: Cagla Eroglu
What are lamellipodia for? Cell motility without Arp2/3 complex
May 3 Nir Hacohen 
Harvard University
Host: Jörn Coers
Initiating immunity to pathogens and self
May 17 Clare Waterman
Host: Terry Lechler
Cell Biology Distinguished Lecture:
Cell forces and directed migration
May 24 Danny Lew
Host: Donald Fox
Polarity establishment, maintenance, and guidance in yeast
May 31 Ken McCarty
Host: Cagla Eroglu
Examining the role of astrocytes in physiology and behavior
June 14 Kevin Campbell
University of Iowa
Host: Cagla Eroglu
Cell Biology Distinguished Lecture: