2010 – 2011 Thursday Series Archives

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2010 – 2011
Date Speaker Title
Sep 16 Myriam Gorospe
National Institute on Aging
HUR: Development and defense of cancer traits
Oct 7 Bruce Sullenger
Duke University School of Medicine
Forward and reverse translation with anticoagulant aptamers
Oct 21 Bryce Nickels
Rutgers University
Production and function of extremely small RNA transcripts in bacteria
Oct 28 Orion Weiner
University of California, San Francisco
Self-organization of cell polarity during chemotaxis
Nov 11 Eric Wieschaus
Princeton University
The mechanics of cell shape change
Dec 2 Paula Traktman
Medical College of Wisconsin
Vaccinia virus replication and mmorphogenesis: Unique opportunities and challenges encountered
Dec 9 Erik Flemington
Tulane University School of Medicine
Regulation of cellular microRNA expression by EBV facilitates B-cell transformation
Dec 16 Mark Krasnow
Stanford University School of Medicine
Oxygen sensing and respiratory control circuit of Drosophila
Cell Biology Distinguished Lecture)
Jan 13 Connie Cepko
Harvard University
Rescheduled due to inclement weather
Cell Biology Distinguished Lecture
Jan 20 Peggy Cotter
UNC School of Medicine
Bacterial interactions
Feb 24 David Bloom
University of Florida
Molecular biology of herpes simplexvirus latency
Mar 3 Anastasia Kralli
The Scripps Research Institute
ERRalpha and metabolism
Mar 10 William Petri
University of Virginia School of Medicine
Leptin mediates mucosal immunity toentamoeba histolytica infection in children
Mar 17 Tim Wadkins
Duke University School of Medicine
The science behind some of your favorite libations
Mar 24 Richard Flavell
Yale School of Medicine
The inflammasome in health and disease
Cell Biology Distinguished Lecture
Mar 31 Carolyn Machamer
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Exocytosis of large cargo: Lessons from coronaviruses
Apr 14 Junying Yuan
Harvard Medical School
Apr 21 Connie Cepko
Harvard University
Apr 28 Paul Huber
University of Notre Dame
Localization of mRNA in Xenopus oocytes
May 12 Michael Starnbach
Harvard Medical School
Chlamydia trachomatis manipulates host immunity and host cells
Jun 2 Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz
National Institute of Child Health & Human Development
Cell Biology Distinguished Lecture