2008 – 2009 Thursday Series Archives

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2008 – 2009
Date Speaker Title Host
Jun 11 Eng Eong Ooi 
Duke-NUS in Singapore
Defining protective humoral immunity in dengue TBA
May 21 Michael Greenberg
Harvard Medical School
Signaling networks that regulate synapse development and cognitive function TBA
May 14 Mike Ehlers
Duke University Medical Center
Protein machinery for post-synaptic plasticity TBA
May 7 Kasturi Haldar
Northwestern University
Mechanisms of malarial infection TBA
Apr 16 Lee Niswander
University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
Finding closure: Genetics and imaging of neural tube closure Cell Biology Distinguished Lecture
Apr 2 Anne Brunet
Stanford University
Mar 12 Karen Guillemin
University of Oregon
Molecular dialogues with the microbiota in the zebrafish TBA
Mar 5 Manny Ares
University of California-Santa Cruz
Alternative splicing in developing and diseased muscle TBA
Feb 19 Peter Reddien
Whitehead Institute
Regeneration polarity and initiation in planarians TBA
Feb 12 Tony Pawson
Mount Sinai Hospital
SH2 domains and tyrosine kinases, back to the future Cell Biology Distinguished Lecture
Jan 22 Angelika Amon
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Causes and consequences of aneuploidy TBA
Jan 8 William Goldman
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Phase-specific genes and intracellular survival strategies of histoplasma capsulatum TBA
Dec 18 David Page
Whitehead Institute
Choosing sex: How germ cells take the road less traveled Cell Biology Distinguished Lecture
Dec 11 Lisa Stowers
The Scripps Research Institute
Molecular biology of pheromone mediated innate behavior TBA
Dec 4 Amita Sehgal
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Genetic analysis of sleep: Wake cycles TBA
Nov 13 Max Nibert
Harvard Medical School
Membrane penetration during cell entry by retrovirus TBA
Nov 6 Peter Pryciak 
University of Massachusetts Medical School
Regulated membrane localization of signaling proteins in yeast: Mechanisms and implications TBA
Oct 30 Patricia Spear 
Northwestern University
Multiple entry receptors for herpes simplex virus: Their roles in infection and disease TBA
Oct 23 Ron Vale
University of California – San Francisco
Engineering molecular motor probes Cell Biology Distinguished Lecture
Oct 16 Jonathan Powell 
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Regulation of T effector and regulatory T cell differentiation by mTOR TBA
Oct 9 Virginia Miller
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Yersinia enterocolitica and Yersinia pestis RovA regulons TBA
Oct 2 Thomas E. Shenk
Princeton University
Human cytomegalovirus latency TBA