2006 – 2007 Thursday Series Archives

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2006 – 2007
Date Speaker Title Host
May 3 David Kingsley
Stanford University School of Medicine
Fishing for the secrets of vertebrate evolution TBA
Apr 26 Dan Littman
New York University School of Medicine
Role of RORyt in immune system homeostasis TBA
Mar 1 Maarten van Lohuizen
The Netherlands Cancer Institute
Role of polycomb repressors in stem cells, cancer, and development TBA
Feb 1 Carolyn Kulesza
Princeton University
A stabel intron encoded byCytomegalovirus is a virulence factor in vivo TBA
Jan 25 Marco Vignuzzi
University of California-SF
Viral population dynamics and pathogenesis: Polymerase fidelity, mutation rates, and the RNA quasispecies TBA
Jan 11 Sara Sawyer
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Tracking the evolutionary footprints of viruses TBA
Dec 21 Joel Levine
University of Torornto at Mississauaga
LOVE STINKS–Social regulation of the circadia control of mating Hubert Amrein
Dec 14 Maurice S. Swanson
University of Florida
Dynamic mutations and RNA-mediated disease Mariano Garcia-Blanco
Dec 7 Lalita RamakrishnanUniversity of Washington A genetic and visual dissection of host responses to tuberculosis in the zebrafish Raphael Valdivia
Nov 30 Mario Stevenson
UMass Medical School
Cellular factors influencing HIV-host cell interplay and viral persistence Bryan Cullen
Nov 16 William Copeland
Spectrum of mitochondrial disease from mutations in the DNA polymerase gamma ge John McCusker
Nov 9 Yibin Kang
Princeton University
Cancer metastasis: Revisiting seed and soil hypothesis in the genomic era CmB Students, Laura Yudt
Nov 2 Sue Jinks-Robertson
Duke University
Genome stability and the three R’s in yeast TBA
Oct 26 M. Joan CurcioWadsworth Center Mobilization of yeast retrotransposons and RNA pseudogenes by replication checkpoint pathways Byan Cullen
Oct 19 Sheng Ding
Scripps Research Institute
Chemical and functional genomic approaches toward regenerative medicine Fan Wang
Oct 12 Ben Van Houton
Structure-function studies of DNA repair proteins: Clues to damage recognition Ken Kruezer
Oct 5 Patrick Seed
Duke University
Revisiting the molecular basis of urinary tract infections and the secret life of uropathogenic Escherichia coli Joseph St. Geme
Sept 14 Karla J. Satchell
Northwestern University
Cell rounding by the multifunctional RTX toxin of Vibrio cholerae Joe Heitman
Sept 7 Georgia TomarasDuke University Medical Center Insights into the mechanism of noncytolytic CD8+ T cell mediated
suppression of HIV-1 replication