2005 – 2006 Thursday Series Archives

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2005 – 2006
Date Speaker Title Host
May 25 Scott Hultgren
Washington University School of Medicine
The molecular bottleneck in urinary tract infection pathogenesis Joe St. Geme
May 11 Shannon Kenney
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Lytic Epstein-Barr virus infection: The good, the bad and the ugly effects on the host cell Bryan Cullen
May 4 Laura Rusche
Duke University

Mechanisms of gene repression in yeast: Why some chromatin proteins spread and others do not

Apr 27 Rob Wechsler-Reya
Duke University
Digging up the roots-and stems-of brain tumors TBA
Apr 20 Tom Maniatis
Harvard University
The role of a brain-specific microRNA in neuronal differentiation Mariano Garcia-Blanco
Apr 6 Jeffrey Gordon
Washington Univ.-St. Louis
The human gut microbiota and microbiomeiterra incognita is becoming more cognita Brigid Hogan
Mar 30 Olaf SchneewindUniversity of Chicago Assembly of proteins in the cell wall of gram-positive bacteria Raphael Valdivia
Mar 23 Fred Dietrich
Duke University
Fungal genomics: Utilizing the genomic data to address basic questions in fungal biology Tom Petes
Mar 9 Anthony Means
Duke University
A mouse story: How to eat less, stay fit and (perhaps) live longer Danny Lew
Mar 2 Lynne Cooley
Yale University
The regulation of oocyte duringDrosphilia oogenesis Haifin Lin
Feb 23 Scott Soderling
Duke University
Genetic analysis of WAVE signalling to the actin cytoskeleton TBA
Feb 16 Sally York
Duke University
The role of DNA mismatch repair in response to chemotherapy Danny Lew
Feb 9 Dwight Koeberl
Duke University
AAV vector-mediated gene therapy for inherited disorders of metabolism Tom Petes
Feb 2 Andrew Camilli
Tufts University
Investigation of Vibrio choleraebehavior and gene regulation during infection Raphael Valdivia
Jan 26 Susan Ackerman 
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
The Jackson Laboratory
Novel genetic models of misfolded proteins and neurological disease Brigid Hogan
Dec 15 Andrew Chess
Harvard Medical School
An autosomal analog of X-inactivation Laura Rusche
Dec 8 Troy Littleton
Retrograde signaling through postsynaptic vesicular trafficking mediates synaptic plasticity and growth George Augustine
Dec 1 Frank McKeon
Harvard Medical School
p53 homolog p73 in human disease: Control of the innate immune response in the airways Joe Heitman
Nov 17 Gregory Matera
Case Western University
Biogenesis of small nuclear RNPs: The spinal muscular atrophy connection Mariano Garcia-Blanco
Nov 10 Susan Smith
Skirball Institute of Biomolecular Medicine NYU SOM
Telomeres require special mechanisms for segregation at mitosis Chris Counter
Nov 3 Gero Miesenbock
Yale University School of Medicine
Change of Mind: Optical Control of Neuronal Circuits Hubi Amrein
Oct 20 Kathy BarkerAuthor/Consultant I was trained to do everything but run a lab! Lessons from PIs Sally Kornbluth
Oct 13 William DeBello
Microcircuits, gene expression, and learning in the auditory localization pathway CMB Students
Sept 29 Patrick Seed
Washington Univ School of Medicine
Weathering the Storm with an Umbrella: The Dynamic Relationship Between Escherichia coli and the Urinary Bladder Epithelium during Cystitis Joe St. Geme
Sept 22 Xiang-Dong Fu
University of California, San Diego
RASL/DASL Genomics: New Tools to Decode Transcription Regulatory Network in the Human Genome Mariano Garcia-Blanco