Research Meetings

October 14, 2019Host:
Debby Silver
Understanding brain development through the lens of RNA dynamics

Jeff Bourgeois
(Ko Lab)
ARHGEF26 is a positive regulator of Salmonella invasion

Vikas Yadav
(Heitman Lab)
Centromere scission drives chromosome shuffling and reproductive isolation in a human fungal pathogen
November 11, 2019Host:
John Rawls
Watchers on the wall: key roles for enteroendocrine cells in detection and response to an enteric pathogen

Matt Detter
(Marchuk Lab)
Advancing mouse models of Cerebral Cavernous Malformations for pre-clinical therapeutic testing

Conan Juan
(Matsunami Lab)
Discriminating molecular shape by enantiomer selective olfactory receptors
December 9, 2019Host:
Bryan Cullen
Epitranscriptomic regulation of HIV-1 gene expression

Rebekah Dumm
(Heaton Lab)
Non-lytic clearance of influenza virus from the
olfactory epithelium

Dulcemaria Hernandez
(Coers Lab)
A novel function of human GBP1 in modulating chemokine expression
January 13, 2020Host:
Matt Scaglione
Novel Chaperones and Neurodegeneration

Kuan-Yi Lu
(Derbyshire Lab)
Plasmodium chaperonin TRIC/CCT identified as a target of the antihistamine clemastine using parallel chermoproteomic strategy

Riley Mangan
(Lowe Lab)
Functional Analysis of the Fastest Evolving Regions of the Human Genome
February 10, 2020Host:
Sue Jinks-Robertson
Topoisomerases and genetic instability

Lingfeng Meng
(Yan Lab)
Neurexin 4/CASPR initiates gap junction formation through actin cytoskeleton regulation

Mark Roundtree
(Steinbach Lab)
Dynamic Responses of the Aspergillus fumigatus Cyp51 Proteins to Antifungals and Cell Surface Stressors
March 9, 2020Host:
Stacy Horner
New regulators of antiviral innate immunity

Alice Sun
(Chi Lab)
From Bacteria to Humans: human stringent response is mediated by the HIPPO pathway

Charlie Pyle
(Tobin Lab)
A Macrophage-ECM circuit regulates mycobacterial granuloma dynamics
April 13, 2020Host:
Tom Petes


(Valdivia Lab)

(Luftig Lab)
May 11, 2020Host:
Claire Smith


(David Lab)