Research Meetings

2017-2018 MGM Departmental Research Meetings

October 9, 2017Lezi E
(Yan Lab)
An antimicrobial peptide and its neuronal receptor regulate neurodegeneration in aging and infection

Lauren Davey
(Valdivia Lab)
Akkermansia muciniphila, a mucin degrading gut bacterium

Gianna Hammer
Deciphering the rules of engagement between host and microbiome

November 13, 2017Katie Walzer
(Chi Lab)
Single-cell transcriptomics of the malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum

Rachael Bloom
(David Lab)
Microbial responses to stress in the human gut

Jorn Coers
How Shigella fights interferon-inducilbe host defense
December 11, 2017Aaron Mitchell-Dick
(Silver lab)
Effect of prolonged mitosis on embryonic neurogenesis and cortical lamination in vivo

David Martinez
(Permar Lab)
Defining determinants of IgG transplacental transfer in the setting of HIV pregnancies

Bryan Cullen
Viral Epitranscriptomics
January 8, 2018Ben Chambers
(Heaton Lab)
Cell survival during direct Influenza A virus infection depends on DNA mismatch repair activity and STAT-dependent
antiviral gene expression

Ci Fu
(Heitman Lab)
Filamentation promotes foraging for mating partner of the opposite mating type in Cryptococcus deneoformans

Sue Jinks-Robertson
Transcription and DNA stability: there’s trouble in the bubble
February 12, 2018Claire de March
(Matsunami Lab)
Evolution of olfaction: What have modern humans lost?

Alex Antonia
(Ko Lab)
Host vs. Pathogen: Fight for Control of Chemokine Signaling During Infection

Doug Marchuk
Modulation of Cerebral Infarction: A Genetic Approach
March 12, 2018Laura Bisogno
(Keene Lab)
RAS post-transcriptionally enhances a pre-malignantly primed EMT to promote invasion

Joanne Dai
(Luftig Lab)
The role of EBNA3A in the survival of Epstein-Barr virus-infected B cells

John Rawls
Nutritional and microbial regulation of enteroendocrine cell activity
April 9, 2018Hannah Brown
(Alspaugh Lab)
Identifying a novel connection between the fungal plasma membrane and pH-sensing

Giny Fouda
Development of broadly neutralizing antibodies in HIV infected children

Beth Sullivan
Two’s company: revising the prevailing view of dicentric chromosome stability
May 14, 2018Hannah McMillan
(Kuehn Lab)
Bacterial vesicles induce protective plant immune responses

Linsley Kelly
(Sullenger Lab)
Tunable cytotoxic aptamer-drug conjugates for the treatment of prostate cancer

Chromosome fragile sites in yeast
Tom Petes
June 11, 2018Kuan-Yi Lu
(Derbyshire Lab)
Phosphatidylinositol 3-phosphate: How does a tiny lipid keep malaria parasite alive?

Allison Roder
(Horner Lab)
New Insights into Hepatitis C Virus Envelopment

Mycobacterial Lipids That Promote Host Angiogenesis
David Tobin
Departmental research meetings are held monthly on Monday evenings at 4:00 p.m. in Room 143 Jones Building.