Research Meetings

October 8, 2018Introduction:
Micah Luftig

Dionna Gamble
(Jinks-Robertson Lab)
What happens at a double-strand break: Investigating the role of DNA end structure

Lee Dolat
(Valdivia Lab)
A Chlamydia trachomatis secreted effector targets host epithelial cell-cell junctions

November 12, 2018Introduction:
Dennis Ko

Jared Brewer
(Tobin Lab)
Mechanisms of Pathological Angiogenesis In Response to the Mycobacterial Glycolipid Trehalose 6-6'-Dimycolate

Shelby Priest
(Heitman Lab)
Jumping the Line: hypermutation via rampant transposition
December 10, 2018Introduction:
Nick Heaton

Kevin Tsai
(Cullen Lab)
Influenza A virus-derived siRNAs increase in the absence of NS1 yet fail to inhibit virus replication

Jon Bethke
(You Lab)
Environmental and genetic determinants of plasmid mobility
January 14, 2019Lawrence David (Introduction)

(Silver Lab)

Neal Surana
February 11, 2019Stacy Horner (Introduction)

(Rawls Lab)

(Gromeier Lab)
March 11, 2019Craig Lowe (Introduction)

(Petes Lab)

Kevin Saunders
April 8, 2019Ashley Chi (Introduction)

(McCusker Lab)
May 13, 2019Hiroaki Matsunami (Introduction)

(Marchuk Lab)
June 10, 2019Dong Yan (Introduction)

(Keene Lab)

(Abraham Lab)