Research Meetings

Departmental research meetings are held monthly on Monday evenings at 4:00 p.m. in Room 143 Jones Building.


October 6, 2014
Introduction: Dong Yan

Molly Matty (Tobin Lab)
“Host-directed therapies for mycobacterial infections”

Karl Bates
Director of Research Communications Working with the News Office

Dong Yan
“Regulation of synapse elimination by the cell death pathway through cleavage of advillin”

November 10, 2014
Introduction: Bryan Cullen

Autumn Rorrer (Marchuk Lab)
“Direct vs. indirect inhibition of Rho-kinase in Cerebral Cavernous Malformations (CCM)”

Colin Lickwar (Rawls Lab)
“Genomic dissection of a common host response to microbes in the gut”

Bryan Cullen
“HIV and microRNAs

December 8, 2014
Introduction: Dennis Ko

Ying Zhao (Petes Lab)
“Examining the frequency of mitotic recombination between sister chromatids in yeast using the CUP1tandem array”

Nick Barrows (Garcia-Blanco Lab)
“The human ER membrane protein complex as a yellow fever virus host factor”

Dennis Ko
“Pipelines for biomarker discovery using cross-phenotype analysis of GWAS (CPAG)”

Setup/Cleanup: Horner Lab

January 12, 2015
Introduction: Stacy Horner

Neha Sharma (Matsunami Lab)
“Olfactory receptor accessory proteins RTP 1 and RTP 2 play a crucial role in receptor gene choice, development and odor detection

Blake Billmyre (Heitman Lab)
“Origins of outbreak: Hypermutators in the Pacific Northwest outbreak of Cryptococcus gattii”

Stacy Horner
“Defining novel RNA regulatory controls of hepatitis C virus infection”

Setup/Cleanup: Jinks-Robertson Lab

February 9, 2015
Introduction: Lawrence David

Alex Price (Luftig Lab)
“c-Myc repression of the EBV LMP1 promoter early after B cell infection”

Matt Friedersdorf (Keene Lab)
“Quantitative analysis of in vivo RNA targeting”

Lawrence David
“Resistance and response of the human gut microbiome to perturbation”

Setup/Cleanup: Matsunami Lab

March 9, 2015
Introduction: Debby Silver

Lisa Cho (Jinks-Robinson Lab)
Topoisomerase I-dependent mutagenesis in budding yeast

Shannon McNulty (Sullivan Lab)
Identification of human centromeric transcripts associated with centromere function

Debby Silver
Moving messages in the brain: a new model for RNA localization

Setup/Cleanup: Luftig Lab

April 13, 2015
Introduction: Elwood Linney

Pooja Strope (McCusker Lab)
Saccharomyces cerevisiae mitochondrial genome variation

Fred Dietrich (Dietrich Lab)
Some things you find if you stare at a lot of yeast genomes

Elwood Linney
Retinoic acid as a trigger for embryonic transitions

Setup/Cleanup: Sullivan Lab

May 11, 2015
Introduction: Jorn Coers

Katie Walzer (Chi Lab)
Single-cell sequencing reveals stage-specific splicing in Plasmodium falciparum

Ben Woods (Lew Lab)
Cell polarity requires local activation of Cdc42

Jorn Coers
Breaking Bad: how to find a microbe hidden in a vacuole

Setup/Cleanup: Valdivia Lab

June 8, 2015
Introduction: Alejandro Aballay

(Lew Lab)

(Gromeier Lab)

Alejandro Aballay

Setup/Cleanup: Yan Lab