2016-2017 Thursday Series Archives

September 1, 2016Debby Silver
Duke University Medical Center
"From development to evolution: common and dynamic mechanisms shaping our brains and underlying disease"
September 8, 2016Lynn Zechiedrich
Host: Joe Heitman
"Beyond the static structural models of Watson and Crick: dynamic supercoiling drives DNA metabolism"
September 15, 2016Andreas Hochwagen
Host: Tom Petes
"The surprising inner life of repetitive DNA"
October 6, 2016Alan Saghatelian
Salk Institute for Biological Sciences
"Discovery of bioactive moleculas"
October 13, 2016Felicia Pagiluca
Harvard University
Host: Joe Heitman
"Macroencapsulated Stem Cell Derived Islets for the Treatment of Diabetes"
October 20, 2016Ursula Jakob
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Host: Dennis Thiele and Alejandro Aballay
"Role of Polyphosphate in Amyloidogenic Processes"
October 27, 2016Anna Huttenlocher
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Host: David Tobin
"Imaging cell migration in vivo: implications to human disease"
November 3, 2016Rui Yi
University of CO, Boulder
Host: Bryan Cullen
"Dynamic regulation of cellular fate specification and stem cell maintenance"
November 10, 2016Audrey Odom
Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis
Host: Emily Derbyshire
"Sweet survival: A new family of metabolic regulators in malaria parasites"
December 1, 2016Mary O'Riordan
University of Michigan, Medical School
Host: Jörn Coers
"Cells on fire: control of innate immunity by cellular stress responses"
December 8, 2016Sridhar Ramaswamy
Harvard Medical School
Host: James Alvarez
"Targeting sleeping cancer cells"
December 15, 2016Michael Forgac
Tufts University
Host: Marc Caron and Joshua Snyder
January 5, 2017Chris Holley
Duke University
Host: Joe Heitman
January 12, 2017Susan Wente
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Host: Eda Yildrim
"Beyond the Pore: Regulation of key stages in the mRNA lifecycle"
January 19, 2017Danielle Devenport
Princeton University
Host: Terry Lechler
January 26, 2017Michael Fischbach
University of California, San Francisco
"Small molecules from the human microbiota"
February 2, 2017Thomas Gregor
Princeton University
Host: Patrick Ferree
"How the physics of enhancers shape development"
February 9, 2017Edwin Munro
University of Chicago
Host: Stefano Di Talia

"Pulses, switches and zippers: Dynamic control of cell and tissue behavior in early embryos"
February 16, 2017Jonah Chan
University of California, San Francisco
Host: Jeremy Kay
"Why do oligodendrocytes myelinate only axons but not dendrites?"
February 23, 2017Tim Mitchison
Harvard Medical School
Host: Stefano Di Talia
"Microtubule Physiology and Pharmacology"
March 2, 2017Ian Lipkin
Columbia University, Mailman School of Public Health
Host: Virology Group
"Small Game Hunting"
March 9, 2017Michael Gershon
Columbia University
Host: Alejandro Aballay
"Serotonin, enteric nervous system development, and unexpected sources of GI disorders"
March 16, 2017Gia Voeltz
University of Colorado, Boulder
Host: Stacy Horner
“Unraveling the mechanism of ER-associated organelle division”
March 23, 2017Jeffrey Peters
The Pennsylvania State University
Host: Goldis Malek
"Delineating the functional role of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-β/δ (PPARβ/δ) in carcinogenesis"
March 30, 2017Jessica Feldman
Stanford University
Host: Sarah Goetz
“Pattering the microtubule cytoskeleton during development”
April 6, 2017Jesse Bloom
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Host: Nick Heaton
"Complete mapping of viral immune escape"
April 13, 2017Alison Criss
University of Virginia
Host: Dennis Ko
"Dangerous liaisons: how Neisseria gonorrhoeae survives interaction with human neutrophils"
April 20, 2017Mary Mullins
Perelman School of Medicine
Host: Michel Bagnat
"Oocyte polarity establishment in vertebrates"
April 27, 2017Gavin Rumbaugh
The Scripps Research Institute
Host: Scott Soderling
"Reverse Translating Neurodevelopmental Disorders "
May 11, 2017Ornit Chiba-Falek
Associate Professor
Duke University
"Decoding the genetics of neurodegenerative diseases: From GWAS discoveries to functional regulatory variants"
May 18, 2017Jorn Coers
Duke University Medical Center
"Cell-autonomous immunity to bacterial pathogens"
May 25, 2017Maitreya Dunham
University of Washington
Host: Blake Billmyre
"Comparative experimental evolution of yeasts and their hybrids"