2015-2016 Thursday Series Archives

September 10Nels Elde
The University of Utah
Host: Jörn Coers
How pathogens shape host cell biology
September 17Sarah Kucenas
University of Virginia
Host: Susan Wopat
Through the Looking Glass: Nervous System Transition Zones in Development and Disease
September 24Alice Ting
Host: Harold Erickson
Discovery of novel synaptic and mitochondrial proteins and functions using APEX-based live cell proteomic mapping
October 1Saskia Neher
Host: Don Fox
Cutting the Fat: Uncovering Mechanisms of LPL Regulation
October 8Kelly Monk
Washington University
Host: Jeff Stogsdill
Adhesion GPCRs in glial cell development and myelination
October 15Chay Kuo
Duke University Med Ctr
Host: TBD
Curious electrical & liquid flow in the brain: implications for injury and disease remodeling
October 22Katherine Borden
Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer
Host: Jack Keene
The oncogene eIF4E in Acute Myeloid Leukemia: It’s out of control and what are we going to do about it?
November 5Gian Garriga
University of CA, Berkeley
Host: Dong Yan
Life and Death: Regulating
Apoptosis in C. elegans
November 12Olivier Pourquie
Harvard University
Host: Michael Bagnat
The vertebrate embryonic axis:
periodic patterns and bilateral symmetry
November 19Flora Vaccarino
Yale University
Host: Debby Silver
Developmental transcriptomics of telencephalic organoids derived from patients with autism
December 3David Weiss
Emory Vaccine Ctr
Host: Raphael Valdivia
CRISPR-Cas9 RNA targeting in bacterial gene regulation and beyond

December 17Paul Michael Yen
Host: Dwight Koeberl
Suppression of Autophagy in
Hepatosteatosis: Opportunity
for Therapy
January 7Nicolas Buchon
Cornell University
Host: John Rawls
Deciphering the complex interactions between microbes and the gut epithelium: insights from Drosophila
January 14Clodagh O’Shea
Salk Institute
Host: Micah Luftig
Exploiting viruses to understand
and treat cancer
January 21Haifan Lin
Duke University Med Ctr
Host: Don Fox
Uniting the Genome: a Novel Function of piRNAs in the Germline
February 4James Evans
UNC School of Medicine
Navigating the Genome In Health and Disease
February 11Xin Lin, MD
Host: Mari Shinohara
C-type lectin receptors in antifungal innate immune responses
February 18Rebecca Yang
Duke University
Host: Danny Lew
Learning and decision making in Drosophila
February 25Mike Eisen
Univ of CA, Berkeley
Host: Stefan Di Talia
Activation of the enhancer activity in early Drosophila development
March 10Tim Stearns
Stanford University
Host: Andrew Muroyama
Cilia, Centrosomes and Cell Signaling
March 17Ekaterina Grishchuk Sch of Med, University of Pennsylvania
Host: Terry Lechler
Powering chromosome movement in mitosis: mobile tethers on dynamic microtubule ends
March 24Catherine Wu
Harvard University
Host: Kris Woods
Genetic drivers in chronic lymphocytic leukemia and impact on clonal heterogeneity and evolution
March 31Vicki Bautch
Host: Hasan Abbas
April 7Kim Lewis
Northeastern Univ
Host: Lawrence David
The Quest for New Antibiotics
April 14Ben Deneen
Baylor College
Host: Chay Kuo
Developmental Gliogenesis: The Crossroads of Cell Fate and Malignancy in the CNS
April 21Tobias Walther
Harvard Univ
Host: Mike Boyce
The Phase of Fat: Mechanisms and Physiology of Lipid Storage
April 28Aaron Straight
Stanford University
Host: Beth Sullivan
RNA dependent regulation of silent chromatin
May 12Michael Griggs
National Institutes of Health
Host: Joseph Heitman
Genetic Exchange, Surface Antigens & Inflammasome Sensors activated by Protozoan Pathogens
May 19Clio Rooney
Texas Children's Cancer and Hematology Centers
Host: Bryan Cullen and Micah Luftig
May 26Baljit Khakh
Host: Cagla Eroglu
Astrocyte roles n Neural circuits
June 16Bill Kelly
Host: Eda Yildirim