2013 – 2014 Thursday Series Archives

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Aug 22Kacy Gordon
University of Chicago
Host: Mohamed Noor
Evolution of gene regulation across space, time, and the phylum nematoda
Aug 29Laimonis Laimins
Northwestern University
Host: Bryan Cullen
Regulation of the differentiation- dependent life cycsle of human Papillomaviruses by miRNAs and cohesins
Sep 5Matthew Sachs
Texas A&M University
Host: Joseph Heitman
Stability of fungal mRNA is controlled by NMD EJC and CBP
Sep 12Douglas Golenbock
UMass Memorial Medical Center
Host: Mari Shinohara
Synergistic actions of plasmodial DNA and malaria pigment hemozoin drive the innate immune response in malaria
Sep 19Nick Davis
Host: Andy Alspaugh
Global analysis of protein palmitoylation in yeast and brain disease
Sep 26Zev Bryant
Stanford University
Host: Dan Kiehart
Optogenetic tools for mechanobiology: Remote control of biological molecular motors using light-activated gearshifting
Oct 3William Sullivan
Host: Donald Fox
Wollbachia, microtubules, and African river blindness
Oct 10Dong Yan, PhD
Host: TBD
Wiring and rewiring: Synapse formation and axon regeneration in C. elegans
Oct 17David Mangelsdorf
UT Southwestern Medical Center
Host: Donald McDonnell
Regulation of nutrient metabolism by FGF21
Oct 24Lora Hooper
UT Southwestern Medical Center
Host: Raphael Valdivia
Environmental influences on intestinal immunity
Oct 31Hiroaki Matsunami, PhD
Duke University Medical Center
Host: TBD
Neurogenetics of olfaction
Nov 7Jeff Brodsky
University of Pittsburgh
Host: Nicole Calakos and Dennis Thiele
Protein conformational diseases and ER-associated degradation (ERAD): Lessons from model systems
Nov 14Jonathan Howard
Host: Harold Erickson
Regulation of microtubule catastrophe by motors and MAPs
Nov 21Chris Newgard
Duke University Medical Center
Host: Joseph Heitman
Metabolomics reveals cardiometabolic disease mechanisms
Dec 5Philip Howe
University of South Carolina
Host: Gerard Blobe
Translational regulation of EMT/metastasis
Dec 12Klaus Frueh
Oregon Health & Science University
Host: David Pickup
Viral control of T cell activation
Dec 19Maurice Swanson
University of Florida
Host: Mariano Garcia-Blanco
RNA-mediated pathways to disease
Jan 9Gary Bassell
Emory University
Host: Debra Silver
mRNA traffic, local translation and fragile x syndrome
Jan 16Juan Bonifacino
NIH Intramural Research Program
Host: Michel Bagnat
Mechanisms of polarized sorting in neurons
Jan 23Terence Dermody
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Host: Bryan Cullen
Invasion of the central nervous system by reovirus
Jan 30Mark Zylka
University of North Carolina School of Medicine
Host: Cagla Eroglu
Gene length matters in autism
Feb 6James R. Sellars
National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
Host: TBD
Not all myosin 2 molecules are create equal
Feb 13Rick Bushman
Perlman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania
Host: Bryan Cullen
The human virome in health and disease
Feb 20Rong Li
Stowers Institute for Medical Research
Host: Terry Lechler
A numbers game: Rapid cellular evolution driven by chromosome instability and dosage imbalance
Feb 27Patricia Clark
University of Notre Dame
Host: Terry Oas
Effects of synonymous codon selection on protein structure:
Lessons for protein design
Mar 6Eyleen Lay Keow Goh
Duke/NUS Graduate Medical School
Host: Patrick Casey
Class 3 semaphorin signaling in adult neurogenesis and memory consolidation
Mar 13Jeanne Stachowiak
University of Texas at Austin
Host: Daniel (Danny) Lew
Reverse engineering biological membranes – from the mechanics of endocytosis to new approaches in drug delivery
Mar 27Tom Blanpied
University of Maryland School of Medicine
Host: Scott Soderling
Nanoscale organization of single synaptic sites
Apr 3Rebecca Heald
University of California, Berkeley
Host: Donald Fox
Mechanisms of mitosis and intracellular scaling
Apr 10Karen Zito
University of California, Davis
Host: Anne West
Sculpting the brain: Mechanisms of structural remodeling during synaptic plasticity
Apr 17Harmit Malik
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Host: David Tobin
Genetic conflicts: The usual suspects and beyond
Apr 24Denise Monack
Stanford University School of Medicine
Host: Jörn Coers
The Yin and Yang of persistent Salmonella infections
May 1Katerina Darwin
New York University School of Medicine
Host: Dennis Thiele
Mycobacterium tuberculosis, proteasomes, copper and plant hormones
May 8Neal Alto
UT Southwestern Medical Center
Host: Scott Soderling
Decoding molecular interaction networks at the host-pathogen interface
May 15Nicole Calakos
Duke University School of MedicineHost: Cagla Eroglu
From synapse to behavior and back again: Insights to neural mechanisms and novel treatments for compulsive behaviors
May 22Emily Derbyshire
Duke University
Host: Joe Heitman
Chemical genomics of malaria parasites
May 29Jeff Dorfman
International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
Narrowly neutralizing anti-HIV–1 antibodies that recognize targets of broadly neutralizing antibodies: What can they tell us about epitope priorities for vaccine development?