Yibin Kang, PhD,Cullen lab Graduate Student alum, inducted into the Inaugural Class of Few-Glasson Society

August 22, 2016

Durham, NC – Yibin Kang, PhD, Professor of Molecular Biology at Princeton University is among three distinguished alumni  inducted into the Inaugural Class of the Duke Graduate School Few-Glasson Alumni Society.  Yibin is a former graduate student of Bryan Cullen’s laboratory and is currently a n endowed professor at Princeton University.  His research focuses on modern molecular biology, genomics, and computational biology approaches to understand the molecular basis of cancer metastasis.  Major areas of research in our laboratory includes: identification and functional characterization of metastasis genes, pre-clinical evaluation of anti-metastasis therapeutics, development of advanced imaging technology and non-invasive detection of tumor-stroma interaction during metastasis, the role of miRNA in cancer progression and metastasis, molecular characterization of mammary gland stem cells and their link to breast tumor stem cells.

 “I am extremely pleased that Professor Yibin Kang has been selected for induction into the inaugural class of the Few-Glasson Society. Yibin was highly successful as a graduate student here at Duke and a joy to mentor. Since joining the faculty at Princeton, he has emerged as a leader in the study of the mechanisms underlying cancer metastasis, having made several key discoveries that are highly relevant to cancer therapy. This induction is an honor that I feel is clearly fully merited. “ – Bryan Cullen, PhD

Yibin is among 3 alumni that were inducted in the Inaugural class.  The other inductees are Martin Dempsey (A.M. ’84 English), a retired four-start general and Linda George, (Ph.D. ’75 Sociology), a long time Duke faculty member.

“I am truly humbled to be honored as one of the inaugural class of Few-Glasson Society fellows.  My four years as a graduate student at Duke was the most transformative years in my life and left a lasting impact on my career development as a scientist.  From my mentor Dr. Bryan Cullen and countless other colleagues and friends at Duke, I learned the essential skills to be a creative researcher, an engaging teacher and an effective leader.  I couldn’t have asked for a better place for my graduate training. Duke is always a sweet home to me and my family and I are looking forward to returning to Duke in the fall to celebrate the ninety years of success of the Graduate School”. – Yibin Kang, PhD