Triangle Scientist Honored by White House

December 23, 2013

Washington, DC – President Barack Obama on Monday named Sallie Permar, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Assistant Professor of Immunology, and Assistant Professor of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, of the Duke University School of Medicine as a recipient of the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers in recognition of innovative research.

The White House listed Permar among 102 researchers who will receive the awards at a Washington DC ceremony in the coming year.

The awards, established by President Clinton in 1996, are coordinated by the Office of Science and Technology Policy within the Executive Office of the President. Awardees are selected for their pursuit of innovative research at the frontiers of science and technology and their commitment to community service as demonstrated through scientific leadership, public education, or community outreach.

Duke Medicine News and Communications reported that Permar was the senior author of a report in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in October that described how a protein in breast milk neutralizes the HIV virus, and could be developed as an alternative way to prevent HIV.

Recipients of the Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists are employed or funded by federal departments and agencies. Permar was listed under the Department of Health and Human Services.

“The impressive achievements of these early-stage scientists and engineers are promising indicators of even greater successes ahead,” Obama said. “We are grateful for their commitment to generating the scientific and technical advancements that will ensure America’s global leadership for many years to come.”