Rawls and David among the first to receive MEDx funding

November 13, 2015

Durham, NC – John Rawls, PhD and Lawrence David, PhD along with Claudia Gunsch, PhD received funding from MEDx their upcoming colloquia, Microbiome Synthesis.

Duke University and NC A&T have been awarded a National Science Foundation Research Traineeship grant to establish a training program for graduate students who are interested in microbiome research.  This program, entitled “Integrative Bioinformatics for Investigating and Engineering Microbiomes” (IBIEM) <http://ibiem.pratt.duke.edu/>, is designed to transcend communication barriers between disciplines and promote team science.

A great number of competitive applications were received, showing widespread enthusiasm for forging new Medicine + Engineering partnerships. Thanks in part to a gift from the Julius H. Caplan Charity Foundation and Pamela Rosenau, we have been able to fund six teams of School of Medicine and Pratt investigators.

List of all recipients:

• Patrick Codd (Neurosurgery, codd@dm.duke.edu) and Kris Hauser (ECE, kris.hauser@duke.edu) — “Duke Surgical Robotics”

•Sharon Hull (Community and Family Medicine, hull@dm.duke.edu) and Nimmi Ramanujam (BME, nimmi.ramanujam@duke.edu) — “CHeSS: Challenges Seeking Solutions in Primary Care, Cancer and Engineering ”  

•Nandan Lad (Neurology, lad@dm.duke.edu)  and Craig Henriquez (BME, ch@duke.edu)— “Bringing Neuro-engineering to the Clinic”

•Piers Barker (Pediatrics, barker@dm.duke.edu) and Amanda Randles (BME, amanda.randles@duke.edu)—  “Use of Computational Fluid Dynamics in Virtual 3D Models of Cardiac Defects in Children with CHD”

•John Rawls (MGM, rawls@dm.duke.edu), Lawrence David (MGM, lawrence.david@dm.duke.edu) and Claudia Gunsch (CEE, ckgunsch@duke.edu) —  “Microbiome Synthesis”

•Ryan Shaw (DUSON, shaw@dm.duke.edu) and Tuan Vo-Dinh (BME, tuan.vodinh@duke.edu) — “Mobile and Wireless Technologies”

More information will be available shortly regarding their activities.