Hiro Matsunami receives an NSF award to crack the olfactory code

September 28, 2015
Durham, NC

NSF awards $15 million to crack the olfactory code.  Hiroaki Matsunami, PhD was recently awarded an NSF grant to study the sense of smell.  Hiro is the Principle Investigator of the project titled: “Analysis of the mammalian olfactory code.” The mammalian olfactory sense is truly amazing. It can swiftly discriminate between thousands of odors, and parse out the different smells in complex odor combinations. This project will investigate the process of odor recognition, focusing on how basic features of odor perception–odor identity and valence, which is the behavioral significance attached to an odor–are encoded in the brain. The principal investigators are: Hiroaki Matsunami, Duke University; Sriram Kosuri, University of California, Los Angeles; Dale Wachowiak, University of Utah; Marcelo Magnasco, Rockefeller University; Vladimir Itskov, Pennsylvania State University; Lisa Stowers, Scripps Research Institute.  More…

Duke Today article