Headshot of Eric BurkhalterBurkhalter, Eric
Research Administration Specialist

Eric provides pre-award support to all MGM faculty, working directly with Esther DeMarco.



Foster, ShirleyHeadshot of Shirley Foster
Staff Assistant

Shirley provides administrative support for Drs. Petes, Jinks-Robertson, Tobin, Silver and Rawls including processing corporate card expenses for these faculty. She also manages training for Buy@Duke users as well as serving as MGM AP TRAC representative.


Headshot of Jason Howard

Howard, Jason
Human Resources Manager II

Jason is responsible for the day-to-day management of personnel activities for the department. He also assists foreign students, faculty, and staff in complying with governmental regulations related to maintaining proper visa status.


Headshot of Annette Kennett

Kennett, Annette
Staff Specialist

Annette provides administrative support for Drs. Stacy Horner, Dennis Ko, Arno Greenleaf, So Young Kim, Jack Keene, David Pickup, and Jörn Coers. She also manages submission of corporate charges for multiple faculty members as well as reservations for MGM conference rooms (0010, 0040 CARL and 415 Jones) and coordinating the Thursday seminar series, the departmental annual retreat, departmental softball game and the MGM holiday party.


Headshot of Christy Krupa

Krupa, Christine
Administrative Coordinator

Christy provides administrative and clerical support for Drs. Bryan Cullen and Micah Luftig. She is responsible for pre-award and post-award grants management for their grants and discretionary funds as well as the Center for Virology.


Headshot of Kris MathewsMathews, Cynthia (Kris)
Financial Analyst II

Kris manages the MGM departmental funds, the Center for Functional Genomics and post-award research administration for Drs. Sue Jinks-Robertson, So Young Kim, Doug Marchuk, Tom Petes and Raphael Valdivia.


Headshot of Melissa Palmer

Palmer, Melissa
Program Coordinator

Melissa provides administrative support for Joseph Heitman, both in his capacity as MGM Chair and faculty member. Melissa manages all pre-award and post-award aspects of Dr. Heitman’s financial resources, monitoring and reconciling expenditures and preparing monthly financial reports including financial projections.


Headshot of Susan Powell

Powell, Susan
Departmental Business Manager

Susan oversees an administrative staff of twelve and is responsible for managing and coordinating the business and administrative functions of the Department in concert with the Chair which includes preparation, management and monitoring of departmental budgets, managing human resources and payroll and departmental space and facilities and oversight of HR/personnel.


Headshot of Kristin Thole Thole, Kristin
Staff Specialist

Kristin provides administrative support for Dr. Marchuk, in his capacity as faculty member and Director of the Division of Human Genetics, as well as support for Dr. Heitman and the Center for Host Microbial Interactions (CHoMI).  In addition, she coordinates the faculty recruitment process and the appointment, promotion, and tenure (APT) process for all faculty, preparing APT dossiers in preparation for School of Medicine review. She also manages the update of the departmental website.



Other Staff

Headshot of Lisa Alston

Alston, Lisa
Lab Assistant

Lisa is a lab assistant and provides glasswashing and waste disposal services for many of the MGM laboratories.

Chapman, Sharon
Senior Lab Assistant

Sharon is a lab assistant and provides glasswashing and waste disposal services for many of the MGM laboratories.