Jessica Portillo

Jessica Portillo2021 MGM Graduate Student





Research Interest: I graduate from George Mason University (GMU) with a B.S. in Community Health – concentration in Clinical Science. At GMU, I was a research assistant in Dr. van Hoek’s lab studying twitching motility. After graduating, I became a Postbaccalaureate IRTA at NIAMS – Dermatology Branch in Dr. Kong’s laboratory where I focused on bacterial contaminants in low-biomass samples. These experiences further amplified my interest in host-microbe interactions.  

Personal Interests: I enjoy attending car meets and exploring creative outlets like learning how to paint with gouache.    

Publications List:

Park, J., Schwardt, N. H., Jo, J.H., Zhang, Z., Pillai, T., Phang, S., Brady, S. M., Portillo, J. A., MacGibeny, M. A., Liang, H., Pensler, M., Soldin, S. J., Yanovski, J. A., Segre, J. A., & Kong, H. H. (2021). Shifts in the skin bacterial and fungal communities of healthy children transitioning through puberty. Journal of Investigative Dermatology (in press).