2020-2021 Thursday Series Archives

September 3, 2020Stacy Horner"Stacy Horner-Tenure Talk"
September 10, 2020Susan Weiss, PhD

"Coronaviruses: Old and New"
September 17, 2020
September 25, 2020Jonathan Chubb

Host: Matt Scaglione
"Single cell decision making in development and dedifferentiation"
October 1, 2020
October 8, 2020Michael Welte

Host: Maya Evanitsky (PhD candidate)
As the fat flies: Lipid droplets at the intersection of metabolism and development"
Host: Maya Evanitsky
October 15, 2020Roshanak Irannejad

Host: Nina Tsvetanova
October 22, 2020Jean Lim

Host: Nick Heaton
October 29, 2020Allan Jacobson

Host: Joe Hietman
"NMD, translation termination, and readthrough therapy: consequences and suppression of genetic nonsense"
November 5, 2020José M. Vargas Muñiz, Ph.D.

Host: Jeff Bourgeois
"How cells sense their shape? "
November 12, 2020 Derek A. Applewhite

Host: Don Fox
"The role of the Drosophila protein Split Discs in non-muscle myosin II contractility and cell migration”
November 19, 2020Karin Gibbs(Harvard)

Host: Danny Lew
"Micro-crowdsourcing: How swarming pathogenic bacteria use a local sense of identity to assemble and move as a community"
November 26, 2020Thanksgiving
December 3, 2020Gadi Shaulsky from Baylor College of Medicine

Host: Matt Scaglione
“Allorecognition and tissue formation in Dictyostelium development”

December 10, 2020Dr. Sharonda LeBlanc

Host: Manuella R. (Rossie) Clark-Cotton
"Dynamic protein-nucleic acid interactions one molecule at a time”
December 17, 2020Lesley Nicole Weaver

Host: Don Fox
“Regulation of oogenesis by nuclear receptor signaling”
January 7, 2021Franck Polleux(Columbia)

Host: Romain Cartoni
“Human-specific genetic modifiers of cortical connectivity and circuit function”
January 14, 2021Nikolai Slavov(Princeton)

Host: Scott Soderling
"Single-cell proteomic and transcriptomic analysis of macrophage polarization"
January 21, 2021Robert Orchard(UT Southwestern)

Host: Nick Heaton
“Uncovering new viral-host interactions through functional genomic screens”
January 28, 2021Dr. Amal Amer

Host: Mari
"The non-apoptotic functions of caspases"
February 4, 2021Dr Kandice Tanner from NIH

Host: Stefano Di Talia
February 11, 2021Fiona Powrie (kennedy.ox.ac.uk)

Host: Chin Yee Tan
February 18, 2021Bas van Steensel (Netherlands Cancer Institute)

Host: Eda Yildirim
February 25, 2021Andrew Brack(UCSF)

Host: Yarui Diao
March 4, 2021Dr. Nick Shikuma

Host: Lawrence David
March 11, 2021
March 18, 2021Floyd Wormley

Host: Dennis Ko
March 25, 2021James Turner

Host: Blanche Capel
April 1, 2021Jesús Torres Vázquez, Ph.D

Host: Michel Bagnat, PhD
April 8, 2021Roshanak Irannejad (UCSF)

Host:Nina Tsvetanova
April 15, 2021Christoper Walsh(Boston Children's Hospital)

Host: Dan Snellings
April 22, 2021 Wendy Bickmore(U of Edinburgh, UK)

Host: Eda Yildirim
April 29, 2021
May 6, 2021
May 13, 2021Christina Stallings

Host: Lawrence David
May 20, 2021Jean Lim(MSSM)

Host: Nick Heaton
May 27, 2021
June 3, 2021Chad Pearson

Host: Sarah Goetz