2019-2020 Thursday Series Archives

September 5, 2019Guilhem Janbon
Institut Pasteur

Host: Joseph Heitman
"Alternative ends in Cryptococcus"
September 12, 2019Dennis Ko
Duke University School of Medicine
"Leveraging genetic diversity to understand host-pathogen interactions and disease"
September 19, 2019Hernan Garcia
University of California, Berkeley

Host: Danny Lew
"Non-Equilibrium Regulation of Chromatin Accessibility and Transcription in Development"
September 26, 2019Ben Ohlstein
Columbia University

Host:Don Fox
"Regulation of Stem Cell Number in the Intestine: It All Adds Up"
October 3, 2019Arshad Desai
University of California, San Diego

Host: Stefano Di Talia
"Cell Division: From C. elegans to a Potential Cancer Therapeutic"
October 10, 2019Ken Campellone
University of Connecticut

Host: Dennis Ko
"Actin assembly and cell-to-cell transmission by Enterohemmorhagic & Enteropathogenic E.coli"
October 17, 2019Alex L. Kolodkin
The John Hopkins School of Medicine

Host: Jeremy Kay
"Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Neural Connectivity"
October 24, 2019Tim Haystead
Duke University School of Medicine
"A Chemical Biology Approach to Imaging and Killing pathogens in vivo"
October 31, 209Evgeny Nudler
New York School of Medicine

Host: Grace Beggs
"New strategies to fight antibiotics resistance"
November 7, 2019Miriam Braunstein
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Host: John Rawls
"A new class of protein export chaperone with a role in Mycobacteirum tuberculosis virulence"
November 14, 2019Rita Tamayo
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Host: Raphael Valdivia
"Phenotype Heterogeneity within a clonal population of Clostridium difficile"
November 21, 2019Shane Liddelow
NYU Langone Health

Host: Niccolo Terrando
"What do reactive astrocytes (really) do?
December 5, 2019Holger Knaut
NYU Langone Health

Host: Michel Bagnat
"How Cells Walk and Talk - Adjusting and Interpreting Signals in the Extracellular Space"
December 12, 2019Coery Harwell
Harvard Medical School

Host: Debby Silver
"Epigenetic regulation of forebrain neuron diversity and circuit assembly"
January 9, 2020Diego Bohorquez

Host: Debby Silver
"A gut choice"
January 16, 2020Abby Dernburg
University of California, Berkeley

Host: Eda Yilidrim
“Recognition and spatial patterning between homologous chromosomes during meiosis”
January 23, 2020Craig Cameron
Penn State

Host: Micah Luftig
"Targeting a viral polymerase for antiviral therapy: Insight"
January 30, 2020Robert Benezra
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Host: James Alvarez
"Member of Cancer Biology and Genetics Program"
February 6, 2020Tom McHugh
Riken Center for Brain Science

Host: Ken Poss
"Physiological Signatures of Memory"
February 13, 2020Alessandra Sacco
Standford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute

Host: Yarui Diao
"Dynamics of skeletal muscle stem cells in tissue repair and maintenance"
February 20, 2020Ting Wu
Riken Center for Brain Science

Host: Eda Yilidirm
February 27, 2020Mondira Kundu
St. Jude Children's Hospital

Host: Michael Boyce
"ULK/Atg1 Function in Autophagy and beyond: Relevance to Disease"
March 5, 2020Claudia Jakubzick
New Jersey Health

Host: David Tobin
"The importance of B cells and their coordinated effort with mononulcear phagocytes to eliminate precancerous cells"
March 12, 2020Michael Diamond
Washington University

Host: Stacy Horner
"Commensal Gut Bacteria and Worms Modulate Immunity and Pathogenesis of Arthropod-Transmitted Viruses"
March 19, 2020Colin Duckett
Duke University School of Medicine

Host: Joe Heitman
March 26, 2020Jan Carette
Stanford Medicine

Host: Aravind Asokan
"Genetic Dissection of Viral Pathogenesis and Host Defense"
April 2, 2020Karine Gibbs
Harvard University

Host: Danny Lew
April 9, 2020Melissa Moore
Moderna Therapeutics

Host: RNA Biology/Mariah Hoye
"mRNA as Medicine"
April 16, 2020
April 23, 2020Lin-Xi Li
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Host: Jorn Coers
"CD4 T cell responses to Chlamydia infection"
April 30, 2020Roshanak Irannejad
University of California, San Fransisco
May 7, 2020Victor Torres
NYU Langone

Host: Raphael Valdivia
May 14, 2020Andrew Brack
University of California, San Fransisco

Host: Yarui Dia
"Skeletal muscle stem cell heterogeneity and dynamics"
May 21, 2020
May 28, 2020Christina Stallings
Washington University in St. louis

Host: Diversity and Inclusion Committee/ Daltry Snider
"Surviving Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection, from the Perspective of the Pathogen and the Host"
June 4, 2020 Chad Pearson
University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus

Host: Jack Keene
June 18, 2020Allan Jacobson
University of Massachusetts Medical School

Host: Joseph Heitman
"NMD, translation termination, and readthrough therapy: consequences and suppression of genetic nonsense"