2017-2018 Thursday Series Archives

September 7, 2017Xiling Shen
Associate Professor Department of Biomedical Engineering

"Spatiotemporal regulation of cancer, stem and neuronal cells in the gut"
September 14, 2017Karen Gullemin
University of Oregon
Host: John Rawls
"Teaming with Microbes: Lessons from the Zebrafish Intestine"
September 21, 2017Alex Dunn
Stanford University
Host: Harold Erickson
"BioE Seminar: Single Molecule Force Measurements in Living Cells Reveal A Minimally Tensioned Integrin State"
October 5, 2017Gregory Pazour UMass Medical School
Host: Gianna Hammer
"New Roles for an Ancient Organelle: Ciliary Defects Cause Cystic Kidney Disease and Structural Birth Defects"
October 12, 2017Andy Mehle University of Wisconsin, Madison
Host: Micah Luftig
"Catching the Flu: Host Regulators of the Influenza Virus Replication Machinery"
October 19, 2017Enrique Rodriguiez-Boulan Weill Cornell Medicine
Host: Michel Bagnat
"Cross-talk between Epithelial and Endothelial Cells in the Outer Retina. Role in health and disease"
October 26, 2017Michael Glotzer
University of Chicago
Host: Danny Lew
"Positioning the cytokinetic furrow: conceptually simple, but
molecularly complex"
November 2, 2017Leah Cowen University of Toronto
Host: Joseph Heitman
"Identifying Vulnerabilities in Fungal Pathogens through Functional Genomic and Chemical Genomic Analyses"
November 9, 2017Vincent Young University of Michigan School of Medicine
Host: Lawrence David
“The microbiome and human health: lessons from Clostridium difficile infection”
November 16, 2017Sean Crosson University of Chicago
Host: Nick Heaton
"How bacteria adapt to a changing world"
November 30, 2017Boris Shraiman University of CA, Santa Barbara
Host: Stefano Di Talia
Physics and Biology of Morphogenesis
December 7, 2017Shawn Xu
University of Michigan
Host: Dong Yan
"Sensation, circuits and longevity: lessons from the worm "
December 14, 2017Andres Vazquez-Torres
University of Colorado
Host: Dennis Ko
"Regulation of transcription by oxidized DksA in Salmonella pathogenesis"
January 11, 2018
January 18, 2018Dan Kastner National Human Genome Research Institute
Host: Donghai Wang
"Horror Autoinflammaticus: Inborn Error of Innate Immunity"
January 25, 2018
February 1, 2018Zoltan Arany Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania
Host: Hasan Abbas
"Branched Chain Amino Acids and Insulin Resistance"
February 8, 2018Ray Keller University of Virginia
Host: Regan Price
"Cellular Mechanisms and Systems Mechanics of Morphogenesis"
February 15, 2018
February 22, 2018Matthias Gromeier
Duke University
Host: Joe Heitman
"Cancer Immunotherapy with Poliovirus"
March 1, 2018Kate Fitzgerald
UMass Medical School
Host: Mari Shinohara
"Innate Immune Sensing and Signaling"
March 8, 2018Sunny Shin
Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania
Host: Joern Coers
"Innate immune defense against intracellular bacterial pathogens"
March 15, 2018Matt Welch University of California, Berkeley
Host: David Tobin
"Mobilization of the cytoskeleton by microbial pathogens"
March 18, 2018Matt Welch
University of California, Berkeley
"Mobilization of the cytoskeleton by microbial pathogens"
March 22, 2018George Deepe University of Cincinnati
Host: Mari Shinohara
"Zinc/Metallothionein Nexus in Macrophage Responses to Histoplasma capsulatum"
March 29, 2018David Morgan University of South Florida
host: Stefano Di Tallia
“Regulator enzymes that govern chromosome segregation in mitosis”
April 5, 2018Andrew Ewald Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Host: Purushothama Rao Tata
"Cellular and molecular strategies for epithelial morphogenesis and metastasis"
April 12, 2018Myaing Nyunt
Duke Global Health Institute
April 19, 2018Sophie Martin University of Lausanne
Host: Danny Lew

April 26, 2018Katharine Ullman Huntsman Cancer Institute, University of Utah
Host: Eda Yildirim
“Forming the nucleaus: what’s at the core?”
May 3, 2018Carl Thummel University of Utah
Host: John Rawls
"Regulation of metabolism by nuclear receptors”
May 10, 2018
May 17, 2018Kevin Wood University of Michigan
Host: Kris Wood and Sayan Mukherjee
"Spatial architecture, collective antibiotic resistance, and evolution in microbial communities"
May 24, 2018Barbara Meyer Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of California, Berkeley
Host: Eda Yildirim
“Control of Chromosome Topology via Condensin and Chromatin Modification”
May 31, 2018Sara Sawyer Colorado University, Boulder
Host: VOTG Students
“How zoonotic viruses adapt at the animal / human interface”