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Ci Fu
Post-Doctoral Fellow

320 CARL Building
Box 3546 DUMC
Durham, N.C. 27710

Phone: 919.684.3036
Fax: 919.684.5458
Email: ci.fu@duke.edu ci.fu@duke.edu

Ci Fu

My name is Ci Fu, and I am from China. I obtained my Doctorate degree in Dr. Stephen J Free’s laboratory. My thesis work focused on cell-to-cell fusion in Neurspora crassa. I carried out a genome-wide gene deletion mutant screen and identified novel genes that are required for cell-to-cell fusion. And I further characterized three of the novel genes, ham-6, ham-7 and ham-8, function upstream of MAK-1 MAP (mitogen activated protein) kinase pathway during cell-to-cell fusion. Besides my thesis project, I have also worked on characterization of genes that are involved in cell wall biosynthesis pathway.

I am deeply interested in unisexual reproduction in Cryptococcus neoformans. I joined Dr. Heitman’s lab in June to continue my work on cell fusion, also on nuclear fusion in C. neoformans to unravel the mechanism involved in unisexual reproduction.  



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