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Lydia Chen

University of California,
San Francisco
School of Pharmacy


Lydia Chen

While at Duke, I was an undergraduate student in the class of 2009 majoring in Biology and Spanish. I began working in Dr. Heitman's lab in April 2006 under the guidance of Dr. Chaoyang Xue. I worked on two projects, the first one involving a mutant library screen and the second one involving a glucose sensor. I screened approximately 2700 strains in an agrobacterium-mediated mutagenesis library provided by Dr. Alex Idnurm. My goal was to identify inositol insensitive mutants by monitoring the mating filamentation of the strains on MS+200mm inositol media. I also did a functional study of the glucose sensing homologs Snf3 and Rgt2 in Cryptococcus neoformans. I created knockout strains in order to study the phenotype of these mutants.

I plan to attend pharmacy school at the University of California, San Francisco in the fall.

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