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WeiWei (Vivian) Zhang
MGM Graduate Student

Box 3382 DUMC
Durham, N.C. 27708

Phone: 919.684.4141
Fax: TBD

Vivian Zhang

Research Interest: Genetics, epigenetics and bioinformatics

Hi all, I am Vivian. I am originally from China and came to the US for my graduate study. I got my bachelor's degree in Bio-sciences from Sun Yat-Sun University in Guangzhou, China. Since my junior year, I joined Dr. Qiuyun Liu and studied genetic engineering of yeast, and I spent a summer in Dr. Haian Fu's Lab at Emory University, studying signal transduction in cancer cells and several month at Peking University as research assistant. Since I came to Duke, I realized the rapid development in genomic science, especially in terms of the availability of large genomic data. Traditional experimental methods at the single molecular level could no more satisfy the demand of integrative, global and comprehensive understanding of life. I joined Barbara Engelhardt's Lab and started to use statistical and quantitative methods to decipher the secret in genome. I am working on DNA methylation, one of the most important epigenetic modifications in human genome. I use bioinformatic and statistical approaches to study DNA methylation pattern and develop statistical model for DNA methylation imputation, which will reduce the demand of whole genome sequencing and increase the power of genome-wide methylation studies.

Usually I work hard on improving my knowledge of statistics and bioinformatics. However, I am also an outdoor person when I don't work.

Outside of the lab, I try to do my best to have as much fun by hanging out with friends, watching movies, enjoying music and dancing. Yes, I love dancing!

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