Graduate Student Directory

Brigid Poling
MGM Graduate Student

427 CARL Building
Box 3025 DUMC
Durham, N.C. 27710

Phone: 919.664.5656
Fax: 919.681.8979

Vivian Zhang

Research Interest: Viral/host interactions

I am interested in viral/host interactions and discovering ways in which these interactions can be disrupted. For this reason, I chose to join Bryan Cullen's lab which focuses on the role of host and viral miRNA during infection of a variety of viruses. I personally am investigating the role of the BHRF1 miRNA cluster in EBV latent infection.

Outside of the lab I rock climb, salsa dance, and play soccer. Although specifically within the confines of Duke, I am part of the MGM outreach program, and I participate in GPSC activities.

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