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Danielle Pilla
Graduate Student

230 Jones Building
Box 3580 DUMC
Durham, N.C. 27710

Phone: 919.684.7108
Fax: 919.684.2790

Danielle Pilla

Research Interests: Microbial pathogenesis with an emphasis on treatments for infectious diseases.

I was born in Collingswood, NJ, but for most of my life, I lived in West Chester, PA. I went to Cedar Crest College for my undergraduate career where I spent 3.5 years in a lab researching the bacterial pathogen, Chromobacterium violaceum. During the latter part of this period, I isolated different bacteriophage from the environment to determine if phage therapy could be used as a treatment for this pathogen. I also had an internship at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA where I studied HIV and the mutations that arise against entry inhibitor drugs. From these experiences, one can see that I am a Microbiology “junkie,” and I chose Duke because of its many opportunities for a person like me.

Outside the lab, I enjoy reading, listening to music, and playing my violin and piano. I also love to hang out with my family and friends and enjoy a good laugh.

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