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Adam Mefferd
Graduate Student

431 CARL Building
Box 3025 DUMC
Durham, N.C. 27710

Phone: 919-684-5656
Fax: 919-681-8979

Adam Mefferd

Research interests: Virology, immunology, and host/pathogen interactions

I was born and raised in Ohio just outside of Toledo. For my undergraduate studies, I attended The Ohio State University where I obtained degrees in both Microbiology and Chemistry. During my time at OSU, I worked in the lab of Dr. Joanne Trgovcich and Dr. Charles Cook where we studied the interplay between human cytomegalovirus and the immune system.

I chose Duke University for my graduate studies, not only because of the fantastic science being done here, but also because everyone at the institution seemed to have a sincerely friendly disposition. Since my time here at Duke, I have matriculated into the lab of Dr. Bryan Cullen where I am currently investigating the potential of the recently described CRISPR/Cas system in interfering with viral infection and replication. For me, the Cullen lab offered the greatest opportunity to perform cutting edge research as well as receive the necessary mentorship to hone my scientific abilities.

I am enjoying my new home here. Ohio isn’t exactly known for its fantastic tourist attractions, exciting outdoor adventures, or warm climate so having both the mountains and beach within driving distance is incredibly exciting. Outside of the lab, you can usually find me with my iPod listening to music or hanging out with friends at any one of Durham’s wonderful restaurants/bars.

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