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Dong Kang
MGM Graduate Student

426 CARL
Box 3025 DUMC
Durham, N.C. 27710

Phone: 684-3031
Fax: 681-8979

Dong Kang

Hello, everyone! My name is Dong, and I come from Shenyang, China. One more factor that distinguishes me from other people is that I went to Japan for my college education at Tokyo University in Japan. I started to learn both English and Japanese soon after I was enrolled into Junior High School and spent a solid five years in Japan. My hobby is programming and languages and trying out new things. So, no other thing thrills me more than a new challenge or change. My research interests lie in the academic research which can be translated into practical clinical use. To be more specific, the reason why I chose the MGM program over others is that this program can provide me tons of options to research pathogens. So feel free to contact me!

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