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Kelly Hughes
Graduate Student

Durham, N.C. 27710

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Kelly Hughes

Research Interests: Infectious disease, host-pathogen interactions

I’m from Albany, NY and studied Biology at Cornell for my undergraduate degree. While there I worked in the parasitology lab of Dr. Dwight Bowman studying the ability of short-chain fatty acids to inactivate the eggs of a pig nematode. Through this and other classes, I became very interested in human pathogens and have since worked in several labs pursuing this. Following graduation, I worked at the Wadsworth Center as an Emerging Infectious Diseases Fellow studying public health and the pathogens that impact it. From there I moved to the lab of Dr. James Drake, at Albany Medical Center, to learn more about human disease from the host side of things. I spent a year researching B-cell signaling and characterizing MHCII epitopes. After that, I finally escaped upstate New York and moved out to Boston, where I joined the lab of Dr. Kami Ahmad, at Harvard Medical School, studying epigenetic gene regulation and chromatin remodeling.

The faculty here at Duke are amazing, and the breadth and depth of their research is one of the main reasons I chose to come here. I am currently enjoying my rotations and the opportunity they give me to experience these different labs and explore different aspects of my research interests.

When I’m not in the lab, you can usually find me playing soccer or reading a book. . .or dancing, visiting friends, concocting novel DIY crafting projects, attempting to cook, finding new ways to enjoy the outdoors, and unnerving fellow students with my pet tarantulas. I love trying new things, so I’m looking forward to finding many new experiences here in the South.

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