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Ming-Shan Chien
UPGG Graduate Student

261 CARL Building
Box 3509 DUMC
Durham, N.C. 27708

Phone: 919.668.3622
Fax: 919.661.9193

Ming-Shan Chien

Research Interest: Sequencing transcripts derived from a single sensory cell.

Hi, I am Ming-Shan. I come from Taiwan where I received a BS in Horticulture and Zoology. I also completed my MS in Zoology from National Taiwan University. I came to Duke through the Developmental Biology Training Program in 2008 and decided to join UPGG in 2009.

My current work in Dr. Hiroaki Mastunami’s lab is to establish a method of sequencing transcripts derived from a single sensory cell. I hope to gain a better understanding of how cells will be regulated to sense the diversity of the world.

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