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Po Han Chen

Graduate Student

Box 3382 DUMC
Durham, N.C. 27710

Phone: 919.668.484
Fax: 919.668.4777


Po Han Chen

Research Interests: Genetics, immunology, RNA Biology

Hi, I was born in Taipei, Taiwan. I received my B.S. in Medical Technology and M.S. in Microbiology from National Taiwan University (NTU). For undergraduate research, I joined Dr. Hsin-Chih Lai’s lab in Chang Gung University and studied two-component system and the multicellular behavior in Serratia marcescens. I also worked at the Armed Forces General Hospital in Hualien, Taiwan as a medical technician for more than half year. In 2011, I rejoined Dr. Show-Li Chen’s lab in NTU as a research assistant to continue previous research in graduate school, which was about RNA processing and Drosophila development. I am interested in genetics, immunology, and RNA biology.

I like Duke because of its research environment, and of course, the Blue Devils basketball. When not in the lab, I usually enjoy road cycling, running or playing basketball.


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