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Jeffrey Bryant
MGM Graduate Student

417 MSRB I 
Box 3020 DUMC
Durham, N.C. 27710

Phone: (919) 668-6206 
Fax: TBD 

Jeffrey Bryant

Research interest: Microbial Pathogenesis

I am from the Kansas City area, born in Missouri but grew up on the Kansas side. I went to Kansas State University where I got undergraduate degrees in Microbiology and Chemistry. At Kansas State, I did my undergraduate research in the lab of Dr. Lynn Hancock. My work with Dr. Hancock focused on Enterococcus faecalis, a gram positive bacterium that causes a number hospital acquired infections, and its ability to form biofilms. It was while working in this lab where I gained my interest in research which led me to graduate school. Even though my undergraduate research was in bacteria, I have broad research interests which I hope to explore and then find what I truly want to research here at Duke. I have enjoyed getting to know my new surroundings here in North Carolina. In my free time I play almost any sport, especially soccer, basketball, and ultimate frisbee. I also enjoy watching sports, and I am big fan for my Kansas City, Kansas State University, and now Duke sports teams.

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