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Matthew Friedersdorf
Postdoctoral Associate

402 Jones Building
Box 3020 DUMC
Durham, N.C. 27710

Phone: 919.684.5589
Fax: 919.684.8735
Email: matthew.friedersdorf@duke.edu

Matthew Friedersdorf

Research Interest: Three AU-rich Element (ARE) RNA biding protein (RBPs): HuR, TTP and BRF1.

In the Keene lab, my research inteests include RNA recognition by RNA binding proteins, and specifically, RNA recognition by Hu proteins. It is known the Hu proteins can bind to single stranded U-rich RNA sequences, however in cellular conditions, Hu proteins do not associate with all U-rich elements and have been demonstrated to increase or decrease binding to certain RNAs in response to different cellular stimuli. It is unknown how Hu proteins acheive this selective and dynamic RNA binding within a cell and which sequences mediate this differenctial binding. It is my goal to address these questions using a combination of classical biochemical techniques and the latest global bioinformatic approaches.

Friedersdorf MB and Keene JD. (2014) Advancing the functional utility of PAR-CLIP by quantifying background binding to mRNAs and IncRNAs. Genome Biol. 15(1):R2.

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