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Keene Lab Members

Jeff Blackinton
Postdoctoral Fellow

412 Jones Building
Box 3020 DUMC
Durham, N.C. 27710

Phone: 919.684.8946
Fax: 919.684.8735
Email: jeff.blackinton@duke.edu

Jeff Blackinton

I received my BA in Biochemistry from Rice University in 2003. I completed my PhD in 2008 from Karolinska Institutet through the NIH Graduate Partnership Program, working in the labs of Mark Cookson at NIH and Lars Olson at Karolinska on cellular factors involved in Parkinson's disease. I joined Dr. Keene's lab in 2009 to work on RNA biology in HIV infection.

My research focuses on post-transcriptional regulation in viral infections. I have recently been focusing on models of HIV infection and the on stabilization of mRNA in two populations: CD4 T cells and memory CD8 T cells. CD4 T cells are infected by HIV and so undergo a series of innate immune responses, many of them post-transcriptional, to defend against HIV. Memory CD8 T cells recognize HIV antigens and secrete cytokines in response. We have observed that the mRNAs of several of these cytokines are stabilized after stimulation. I am currently working to define the mechanisms and impact of this stabilization.

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