Faculty and Research

David B. Goldstein, PhD
The Richard and Pat Johnson Distinguished University Professor
Director, Center for Human Genome Variation

JDavid Goldstein PhD

450 Research Drive
LSRC B Wing, Room 330
Box 91009 DUMC
Durham, N.C. 27708

Phone: (919) 684-0896
Fax: (919) 668-6787
Email: d.goldstein@duke.edu

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Genetic differences play an important role in susceptibility to both inherited and infectious diseases. These differences can also play a role in how individuals respond when affected by disease. The research mission of the Center for Human Genome Variation is focused on the use of modern genomics to help understand how human genetic variation influences disease.

The main areas of research within the Center are aimed at identification of human genetic variation involved in HIV-host interactions, neuropsychiatric diseases, and cognition. By learning how our genomes affect these conditions and traits, we hope to gain insights that will ultimately improve our understanding and treatment of human disease.