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Daneen Schaeffer, PhD
Post-Doctoral Fellow

Daneen Schaeffer Cedar Crest College
BS - Genetic Engineering, 2004

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
PhD - Molecular Biology, 2010


  Phone: 919.613.8633
Email: daneen.schaeffer@duke.edu

Research Interests

Epithelial cancers (carcinomas) require epithelial to mesenchymal transitions (EMT) to become metastatic. During EMT, the primary tumor cells undergo a re-programming whereby they adopt a mesenchymal phenotype, classically characterized by invasiveness and an increased migratory capacity. Once the mesenchymal-like tumor cells are at the site of metastasis, they undergo the reverse process, mesenchymal to epithelial transitions (MET) and recapitulate the architecture of the primary tumor. The ability of cells to transition between epithelial to mesenchymal states is termed epithelial plasticity.

My research in the lab currently focuses on cancer cell migration, including the mechanisms by which cancer cells migrate and the genes involved in regulating cancer cell migration. I am also interested in how epithelial plasticity affects tumor formation and metastasis.


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  • Fellowships

    Institutional (Duke University) Viral Oncology Training Grant
    November 2010 – October 2012 

    Postdoctoral National Research Service Award (NRSA) F32
    November 2012 – October 2013

    Department of Defense Prostate Cancer Research Program Postdoctoral Training Award
    November 2013 – August 2015