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Katell Bidet
PhD Student

Phone: 65.6516.5925
Email: g0901896@nus.edu.sg


BEng Ecole Superieure d'Ingenieurs de Luminy

Research Interests
Flaviviruses are RNA viruses that need to subvert cellular machinery to propagate; they also need to evade the innate defense mechanisms that those cells have developed to detect and fight infections. Flaviviruses produce during infection an abundant, highly structured non-coding RNA termed subgenomic flaviviral RNA or sfRNA. The role of the sfRNA is poorly understood but has been linked with evasion of the interferon type I response. We hypothesized that a mechanism by which the sfRNA acts could be through its ability to sequestrate and inactivate the action of host RNA-binding proteins involved in the innate immune system.

My PhD project focuses on deciphering the role of a subset of stress granule proteins in the antiviral response to dengue virus and evaluating the role of the sfRNA as their antagonist. We hope that our results will help understand better dengue virus pathogenicity, as well as providing new insights in the regulation of the antiviral innate immune response.