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Danielle Anderson
Post-Doctoral Associate

Phone: 65.9388.2810
Email: danielle.anderson@duke-nus.edu.sg


BSc (Hons), Deakin University, Australia, 2001
PhD, Curtin University of Technology, Australia, 2007

Research Interests
Paramyxoviruses are diverse group of medically important negative-stranded RNA viruses that includes Measles virus, Mumps virus and Nipah virus. Paramyxoviruses are responsible for a high degree of morbidity and mortality worldwide, and I am interested in understanding virus/host relationship. My doctoral studies at the Australian Animal Health Laboratory focused on the characterization of new paramyxoviruses and postdoctoral studies at the INRS-Institut Armand-Frappier, University of Quebec, expanded my paramyxovirus research into the area of viral pathogenesis. As a Senior Research Fellow at Duke-NUS, my research aims to identify host factors important for paramyxovirus replication. Identification of common paramyxovirus host factors using genome-wide siRNA screens is the first step towards developing a pan-paramyxovirus therapeutic.

2009     Fonds de la Recherche en Santé Québec Postdoctoral Fellowship
2008     Fondation J.-Louis Lévesque Postdoctoral Fellowship
2007    Canadian Louis Pasteur Postdoctoral Fellowship

Selected Publications

Anderson, Danielle E., Dubovi, Edward J., Yu, Meng, Wang, Lin-Fa and Renshaw, Randall W. Genome characterization of Salem virus reveals its evolutionary intermediate status in the subfamily Paramyxovirinae. Archives of Virology, 157(10), 1989-93, 2012.

Anderson, Danielle E. and Wang, Lin-Fa. New and Emerging Paramyxoviruses. In ‘The Biology of Paramyxoviruses’. Edited by Siba K. Samal. Caister Academic Press, July 2011.

Anderson, Danielle E., Castan, Alexandre, Bisaillon, Martin and von Messling, Veronika. Elements in the Canine Distemper Virus M 3' UTR Contribute to Control of Replication Efficiency and Virulence. PLoS ONE, 7(2): e31561. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0031561, 2012.

Dietzel, Erik*, Anderson, Danielle E.*, Castan, Alexandre *, von Messling, Veronika, and Maisner, Andrea. Canine distemper virus matrix protein influences particle infectivity, particle composition, and envelope distribution in polarized epithelial cells and modulates virulence. Journal of Virology, 85(14), 7162-8, 2011.

Li, Zhuo, Xu, Jie, Patel, Jui, Fuentes, Sandra, Lin, Yuan, Anderson, Danielle, Sakamoto, Kaori, Wang, Lin-Fa, and He, Biao. Function of the Small Hydrophobic Protein of J Paramyxovirus. Journal of Virology, 85(1), 32-42, 2011.

Lambeth, Luke*, Yu, Meng*, Anderson, Danielle. E.,*, Crameri, Gary, Eaton, Brian. T., Wang, Lin-Fa. Complete genome sequence of Nariva virus, a rodent paramyxovirus. Archives of Virology, 154(2), 199-207, 2009.

Anderson, Danielle E., von Messling, Veronika. Region between the Canine Distemper virus M and F genes modulates virulence by controlling fusion protein expression. Journal of Virology, 82(21), 10510-10518, 2008.

Jack, Philippa J. M., Anderson, Danielle E., Bossart, Katharine N., Marsh, Glenn A., Yu, Meng., Wang, Lin-Fa. The expression of novel genes encoded by the paramyxovirus J-virus. Journal of General Virology 89, 1434-1441, 2008.

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Magoffin, Danielle E., Mackenzie, John S., Wang, Lin-Fa. Genetic analysis of J-virus and Beilong virus using minireplicons. Virology 364(1),103-111, 2007.

Magoffin, Danielle E., Halpin, Kim, Rota, Paul A., Wang Lin-Fa. Effects of single amino acid substitutions at the E residue in the conserved GDNE motif of the Nipah virus polymerase (L) protein. Archives of Virology 152(4), 827-832, 2007.

Li, Zhuo, Yu, Meng, Zhang, Hong, Magoffin, Danielle E., Jack, Philippa J. M., Hyatt, Alex, Wang, Hai-Yan, and Wang, Lin-Fa. Beilong virus, a novel paramyxovirus with the largest genome of non-segmented negative-stranded RNA viruses. Virology 346(1), 219-228, 2006.

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